ASD Bath brush, electric bath brush long handle massage brush rub back brush,White + blue,36cm long

Product Material: ABS + silicone + motor

Product brush head: 5

Product Name: Electric Bath Brush

Dispatch time: 1-2 days, estimated time of arrival: 12-25 days, if you have any questions, please contact us promptly, We will promptly resolve any questions about the product: such as how to use the product properly, 30 days To allow returns (Need a suitable reason and picture) .Rejecting the bad reviews and claims.

Product Features

  • Unique comfort bristles and massage function: Cleansing brush: deep cleansing and gently remove the aging cutin, activating the skin. Bath brush: gentle and effective cleaning, does not hurt the soft skin
  • .
  • You can load the shower gel or cleansing gel that you like to use, and control the dosage, and you can choose to use the site for the most effective cleansing and exfoliating effects.
  • Long-handled design total length of 36 cm, you can scrub any part of the body waterproof design, change the brush head (randomly presented four brush head .Push out the shower gel. Massage, scrub to the dead skin function.
  • Bath ball, foam, rub feet, the middle of the brush with rubble feet, rubbing the foot, the foot can be generated by the treatment of hard cocoon, foot pad, beriberi, etc., especially on the soles of the skin rough, dry cracked, . Often repeatedly rub, but also play a foot acupuncture massage, accelerate microcirculation, blood pressure, improve sleep, relieve fatigue and promote human metabolism.

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