PHYSIOGEL Shampoo Hypoallergenic 250ml – for Very Dry Sensitive Itchy Scalp Relief Pro-vitamin B5 Panthenol Hair Treatment

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Obliphica Treatment Shampoo (For Very Dry, Colored or Damaged Hair) 525ml

A restorative treatment shampoo for very dry, colored or damaged hair
Contains active ingredients to cleanse & shield hair & scalp while banishing split ends
Formulated with extracts of Obliphica fruit for intensive care
Blended with natural vitamin E to maintain healthy hair
Stabilizes hair’s pH balance & prevents dandruff
Loaded with UV screen that preserves natural moisture & color of hair
Leaves hair supple, sleek & lustrous
Sodium chloride-free

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Lee Stafford Hair Growth Mask 200 ml – Hair Growth Serum – Treatment Helps Prevent Hair Loss and Strengthen Your Hair Which Promotes Growth (US Version)

If the earth is not nourished you’ll never grow BEAutiful flowers!

Following the amazing response to Lee Stafford’s HAiR GRowTH TREaTMENT, he wanted to create a full regime to get your hair growing at its maximum potential. Containing Pro-GrowthTM complex, Lee Stafford’s HAiR GRowTH SHaMPOO works by stimulating the metabolic activity of the hair bulb cells, and encouraging blood flow to the root, thus helping to stimulate growth.

It contains fresh Apple and Lemon Extracts to add shine to your hair whilst the and anti-oxidising Green Tea Extract helps to protect your hair from environmental and heat damage.

Product Features

  • STRENGTHEN YOUR HAIR – The PRO-GROWTH complex fertilises your follicles whilst going deep down into the cortex to condition and strengthen from within.
  • REDUCES HAIR LOSS – Improves follicle health which in turn increases the ability of the hair to anchor to the scalp
  • REDUCES IRRITATION AND MOISTURISES SCALP – Provides the perfect base for hair to grow and reach its maximum potential
  • GREAT FRAGRANCE – The complex fragrance will leave your hair both looking and smelling great

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Dead Sea Spa Magik Dry Scalp & Hair Targeted Treatment Pack

Product Description

A collection of hair treatment products specifically chosen to target dry, flaky scalp and damaged hair. This target treatment pack contains Mineral Shampoo, Conditioning Scalp Mud and Hair Magic Serum. Containing marine salts and muds, these products will normalise oil levels on the scalp, soothe irritation and revitalise damaged hair. With key minerals and Pro-Vitamin B5, hair will be feel and look conditioned, bouncy and shiny. Targeted treatment pack contains: Dead Sea Spa Magik Mineral Shampoo 320ml, Dead Sea Spa Magik Conditioning Scalp Mud 150ml and Dead Sea Spa Magik Hair Magic Serum & Shampoo Sachets 2 x 25ml .

Condition: New

Brand: Dead Sea Spa Magik

Brand Story

Since ancient time, Dead Sea Spa minerals have been renowned for their exceptional beautifying and medicinal properties as they have a unique ability to attract and retain moisture. Dead Sea Spa Magik products have been sol in professional Spa’s and Salons worldwide since 1981 as ‘home spa treatments’ to alleviate even the most troublesome of skin conditions and give you a taste of pure spa relaxation.

Product Features

  • A collection of hair treatment products
  • Soothe irritation and revitalise damaged hair
  • With key minerals and Pro-Vitamin B5
  • conditioned, bouncy and shiny
  • Unique ability to attract and retain moisture!

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Itchy Flaky Scalp Treatment Shampoo SOOTHE Remedy for Severe Itch or Irritation Non Medicated Stop Itch Dandruff Helps Dry Conditions such as Psoriasis Eczema Dermatitis In Clinic Formula (2)

SOOTHE is an Ultra-Mild Gentle Shampoo for people with very sensitive scalps or for when over the counter products tend to irritate you or give you an itchy, irritated scalp – leading to dandruff and flaky scalp conditions.

This is a Scalp Prescription Shampoo meaning that it has been formulated by expert UK Trichologists – qualified hair and scalp specialists that run clinics that specifically deal with the treatment of hair and scalp maladies.

This is an outstanding quality formula – the quality of which will NOT be found in any supermarket, store, pharmacy or even salon – it is only normally prescribed by trichologists at their treatment clinics.

If you are sensitive to OTC hair products or if you suffer from psoriasis of the scalp, dandruff, scaling or any other itch condition, this shampoo is suitable for you.

Product Features

  • NON MEDICATED: Ultra-mild formula for very sensitive skin / scalp
  • PROFESSIONAL: Formulated by expert UK trichologists
  • EFFECTIVE: Treatment for all dandruff and scaling scalp conditions.
  • SUITABLE FOR: Severe dry irritating scalp conditions; dandruff, psoriasis, dermititis, excema
  • ADDITIVE FREE: No Synthetic colouring or preservatives

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L’Oreal Paris Elvive Phytoclear Sensitive Scalp Soothing Shampoo, 250 ml

Product Features

  • Targets up to 100% of visible flakes
  • Soothes and rebalances scalp
  • For a sensitive scalp

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Wella System Professional AG, Balance Scalp, Lotion, 125ml [Badartikel]

The Wella SP Balance Scalp Lotion is the ideal product for sensitive and sensitive scalp.
This is supplied thanks to the the Lotion with moisture and care substances that make up a fast relief from itchiness and skin redness.
The Wella SP Balance Scalp – Lotion soothes and cares and delicate head skin, and provides a soothing moisture.
Thanks to the Dermacalm Complex of active ingredients, the skin’s own protection refilling can build and the Wella SP Balance Scalp Lotion relieves the unpleasant itchiness and immediately that the feeling of tension.
Directions for use:
Gently massage into towel-dried or dry hair.
Can be applied directly on the scalp.
The Wella SP Balance Scalp, lotion no need to be rinsed out and is pH neutral as well as alcohol and fragrance free.

Product Features

  • Calming on the skin
  • Lotion for Sensitive Scalp

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Redken SCALP Oil Detox Shampoo 300 ml

Shampoo Scalp Relief Oil Detox Shampoo Redken clean and instantly absorbs excess oil from your hair. You get a fat hair, clean and light. Shampoo Redken Scalp Relief Oil Detox Shampoo is formulated with exclusive Interbond Scalp System and Lipa-Sponge, which provide micro-sponges and lemon extract to regulate the pH of your scalp, control excess oil and eliminate impurities .

Product Features

  • For daily oil control, massage into your wet hair and scalp
  • Content: 300ml
  • For more intense treatment, apply before wetting

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Certified Organic Shampoo for Dry Hair – Dry Scalp Shampoo by Iva Natura ® (UK Exclusive)

The Shampoo for Dry Hair by Iva Natura ® is an organic shampoo that is suitable for those who have dry hair or a dry scalp.

The shampoo has equisetum which is collected from the mountains in Turkey.

Equisetum is known to strengthen hair and has antibacterial, antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.

Equisetum contains silica which maintains healthy skin tissue for thinning hair and dry skin.

It also helps heal hair and keep it healthy.

Liposome technology is then used to produce the end product to help with the treatment of dry hair and dry scalp.

How to use:

Apply the Organic Shampoo for Dry Hair on your hair and massage it on your hair and scalp.

Once complete, rinse with plenty of water.

Repeat as needed.

This shampoo is suitable for frequent use.

Did you know:

20 % of our Organic Shampoo for Dry Hair ingredients come from organic farming.

This product is approved for Organic Cosmetic AP: Anatolian Plant.

There’s no: GMO’s, Parabens, DEA, MEA’S, PEG’S, SLS, SLES, Phenoxyethanol or Silicon in the product.

Product Features

  • Certified Organic Nourishing Shampoo is suitable for those who have dry hair or dry scalp. – 400 ml
  • Maintains healthy skin tissues for thinning hair or dry skin.
  • Contains equisetum plant which strengthens hair.
  • Rich in antibacterial, antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.
  • Suitable for frequent use.

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Nizoral Anti Dandruff Shampoo 60ml **3 PACK DEAL**

Nizoral Anti Dandruff kills the fungus that causes dandruff. That’s because the ingredient called ketoconazole binds to the natural protein of your hair so it keeps working between shampoos with Nizoral A-D. Ketoconazole keeps nasty dandruff in check so you don’t have to keep checking your shoulders. Nizoral A-D breaks the cycle because it puts the kibosh on P ovale. Works to the root of the hair.

Product Features

  • Treats and prevents dandruff and its symptoms such as dry, flaky, red and itchy scalp
  • Dermatologically tested and fragrance free
  • For healthier scalp
  • Up to three months treatment
  • Fragrance Free

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