Does hair grow in the Winter?

It sure does. But what can you do to encourage healthy hair growth?

Scalp massage! And after all the stress you’ve been through in 2019 …why the heck not? Most salons and spas offer this service, but you can easily DIY at home!


Not only does a good scalp massage encourage blood-flow to your scalp and hair follicles which stimulates hair growth, it also helps with follicle health, sebaceous oil production, shiny healthier hair, and hair strength. It also feels great and helps you relax and de-stress – and who doesn’t need that?

When to do it? It is best at night before going to sleep…or if you have time in the morning just before showering. But it really is best to do it at night. You don’t always have to shampoo after either…if you let the oil absorb in overnight you may night not need to shampoo at all. Or, if you think you might feel too greasy you can always add some spray in dry shampoo right after the scalp rub. By morning your hair will be looking great!

Plus, now that Old Man Winter is here, the added moisture from the oils will help combat static and dry flaky scalp.


Remove jewelry so you don’t get it tangled in your hair. Don’t “rip” through your hair with a brush or comb – easy does it. A little dab will do ya! Lightly place oil on the tips of your fingers and focus on rubbing it down deep into your roots and scalp. Rub for as little or as long as you like.

I personally like to combine a drop of rosemary, lavender, or other great smelling essential oil with a bit of olive, coconut, or castor oil. You will get multiple benefits. You’ll get hair follicle stimulation, scalp nourishment, relaxation, a great smell to lull you into a deep sleep and sweet dreams and your hair will smell amazing!

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