Dr Hair Keratin Hair Building Fibres 1.05oz – Natural Hair Thickener – Light Brown


Get your Hair Back in Seconds

Are your struggling from thin hair, bald spots or hair loss? Did you ever get negative comments
about your hair or the lack thereof? Then it’s time to do something about it and gain back
the full beauty of your hair with this powerful concealer.

Dr Hair will instantly cover up bald and thin spots, undetectable for everyone not in the known.
The natural microfibers look just like your hair, thickening the remaining hair
through strong bonding and blend in perfectly with your natural color.

Experience an Astonishing Change

You might be skeptical if this will work for you. That’s why we provide a money-back guarantee for you
to try Dr Hair completely risk-free today. We stand 100% behind our product
and are sure it can help you feel more confident when in public.
Most people are positively surprised and very pleased, when seeing the effect for the first time.

Here’s why you’ll be amazed by Dr Hair, too:

– Instant concealment, hair thickening and increased volume effect.

– Our keratin powder is not greasy and oily and doesn’t clump.

– Works for every hair type, hair color and for men and women.

– Large 1.05oz container, for 2-3 months of supply

– All weather proof. Stays in your hair for a full day during all activities.

– Completely odorless and simply removed by washing with shampoo.

It’s time to gain back your lost confidence from thinning hair.
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Product Features

  • LONG-LASTING – 1 month and more supply of colored hair thickening fibers
  • INSTANT RESULTS – Instantly turns thinned into natural looking full hair, covering bald spots
  • NATURAL PRODUCT – Exactly the same organic Keratin protein as your own grown hair
  • NO FLAWS – Odor-free, attaching strongly in any weather, blending undetectably into natural hair
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – Completely risk-free, returns with no questions asked. Just try now!

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