Fantasia Pm Night Oil Treatment, 8 Ounce

Aloe / Vitamin 100% Effective Penetrates, Repairs, Strengthens and Shines Hair While You Sleep.A light, oil treatment enriched with Vitamins A, E and aloe. It’s better than a hot oil treatment! Specifically formulated for dry, frizzy, damaged hair. When used with a sleep cap, this oil treatment is activated by the heat of the scalp, opening the hair cuticle as the vitamins and aloe penetrate the hair shaft.

Product Features

  • Specially formulated for dry, frizzy, damaged hair
  • Leaves your hair with a vibrant shine
  • Penetrates, repairs, strengthens and shines hair while you sleep

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3 thoughts on “Fantasia Pm Night Oil Treatment, 8 Ounce

  1. I’ve been using this oil for many years with wonderful results. Unless they changed this product from the … I knew the second I opened the package and saw a white top, instead of yellow, it wasn’t the real deal. I’ve been using this oil for many years with wonderful results. Unless they changed this product from the last time I purchased, this was a fake. I still had a tiny bit from my bottle that I purchased in a beauty supply store. The smell is different, the top was different, and it does NOT silken the hair like the true oil does. There was another comment stating this was a fake and I blew…

  2. ??? When I first got this 8oz oil my hair felt dry the next day instead of soft. I didn’t have the yellow satin cap at the time because it doesn’t come with the 8oz bottle here on Amazon. I then decided to get the 4oz bottle that comes with the satin cap from ebay to see if the satin cap would make a difference.. My hair was still dry using this product even with the satin cap, however when I tried the 4oz bottle I got from ebay with the same cap, I got great results, so I don’t know what to say…

  3. Miracle Oil I first found out about this product 13 years ago. My cousin had hair damaged horribly by chemical relaxing and heat. I can only describe the back of her hair as looking like a brillo pad and that’s not an exageration. But… I saw her a few months later (maybe 6 months) and it looked like she had a completely new head of hair– MUCH smoother, not damaged, and much longer. I was stunned, after seeing how bad her hair had looked just a few months ago. I asked her what she did. The answer was…

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