HAIR TEA RINSE WITH A BLEND OF 10 HERBS TO PROMOTE HAIR GROWTH – Herbal Hair Growth Conditioner- Hair Tea – Herbal conditioner -Vegan Hair Conditioner- Scalp Treatment – Afro Hair Treatment

This hair tea has being formulated with 10 organic botanicals and herbs to treat scalp related issues. The ingredients have being carefully hand selected for their healthy properties in order to encourage strong and healthy hair growth. Tea rinses have become popular only recently, however herbal hair rinses have been used for centuries to naturally soften hair, increase manageability, and restore luster, body, and bounce. In addition, this multi-purpose tea can be infused in oil create luscious hair oil and used as a hair spray to treat hair ailments. Some of the ingredients used are: BAMBOO LEAVES: Full of silica which strengthens the hair strand and allow to grow BURDOCK ROOTS: Helps soothe irritated scalp conditions like dandruff, decrease breakage and repair hair while adding sheen MULLEIN: It is anti-fungal in nature and can control all dry scalp issues and infections. It acts as a great hair conditioner as it is a storehouse of minerals and vitamins. INGREDIENTS: NETTLE LEAVES , ROSEMARY , HORSETAIL, BURDOCK ROOTS, HIBISCUS FLOWERS, PEPPERMINT LEAVES, LAVENDER FLOWER, COLTSFOOT LEAVES, BAMBOO LEAVES CAUTIONS! FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY! ALWAYS CARRY OUT AN ALLERGY PATCH TEST 24H PRIOR TO APPLYING IT TO YOUR WHOLE HAIR IN ORDER TO AVOID UNWANTED REACTIONS. IN CASE OF ANY UNWANTED REACTIONS WASH IT OFF WITH CLEAR WATER AND CONSULT A DOCTOR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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