Honeydew Head Lice Treatment Shampoo – Tea Tree & Rosemary Lice Removal Hair Care for Men & Women Anti-Lice Essential Oils – Relieve Itchy Scalp – Moisturizing Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Dry Hair

Our head lice treatment for adults and kids is an easy to use, quick defense. Our hypoallergenic therapeutic repair for sensitive skin and scalps is a head lice removal product that works as a preventative measure as well. Lice are repelled by the fresh scent of lavender, tea tree and rosemary, making this an extra strength, alternative option that doesn’t rely on harmful, harsh chemicals.

Pure ultra nourishing essential oils for strong, soft hair that’s frizz free. Our botanical formula is chemical free and sulfate free. Our remedy is antioxidant rich and full of vitamins to ensure healthy, lustrous hair. This natural dry hair treatment adds shine and volume to dry, brittle hair. Hair care that promotes beautiful hair and a healthy scalp to reduce flaking and dandruff.

Our multi-purpose anti lice shampoo with provitamin B5 nourishes your dry scalp as it hydrates your hair, scalp and follicles. It promotes blood flow, thereby preventing hair loss and shedding. The argan oil, along with the other essential oils, encourage hair growth and regrowth for shiny, sleek hair. We then infused our hair product with botanical keratin to minimize frizz, ensuring smooth hair that is soft to the touch. We don’t just want to get rid of your lice and prevent them from returning, we want you to smell great and look beautiful!

  • Botanical Hair Lice Prevention Treatment
  • Natural Head Lice Repellent Shampoo
  • Therapeutic Dandruff Shampoo for Dry Scalp
  • Hypoallergenic Formula for Sensitive Skin
  • Vitamin Rich, Antioxidant Rich Essential Oil Hair Care
  • Restorative Formula for Hair Loss and Shedding
  • Promotes Fast Hair Growth and Regrowth
  • Botanical Keratin Treatment for Frizzy, Unruly Hair
  • Moisture Therapy for Flaky Scalp and Brittle, Damaged Hair
  • Skin Soothing, Hair Smoothing Product for Thickening Hair
  • Product Features

    • OUR TEA TREE OIL SHAMPOO FOR HEAD LICE PREVENTION FOR KIDS relies on natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals, to eradicate lice. Our homeopathic alternative solution is healthier for scalp and hair.
    • ROSEMARY ESSENTIAL OIL FOR HAIR LOSS treatment for women & men repels lice as it improves your hair and stops shedding. Our regenerating aromatherapy formula deters lice and leaves you smelling fresh.
    • TEA TREE LAVENDER SHAMPOO HEAD LICE REPELLENT SHAMPOO leaves your hair smelling fresh for you as it calms & soothes your nerves. Our shampoo repairs dry damaged hair for beautiful, voluminous tresses.
    • ARGAN REJUVENATING HAIR TREATMENT OIL with botanical keratin eliminates frizz as it nourishes your hair. This fast hair growth therapy promotes long, luscious locks as it strengthens hair follicles.
    • SHAMPOO FOR OILY SCALP AND DANDRUFF, with jojoba, hydrates dry scalp, moisturizes itchy skin & alleviates flakes. Our restorative recipe repairs and thickens hair & soothes skin as it gently cleanses.

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    3 thoughts on “Honeydew Head Lice Treatment Shampoo – Tea Tree & Rosemary Lice Removal Hair Care for Men & Women Anti-Lice Essential Oils – Relieve Itchy Scalp – Moisturizing Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Dry Hair

    1. it leaves your hair feeling clean and smelling good. Unfortunately Even if this didn’t work for lice, it leaves your hair feeling clean and smelling good.Unfortunately, one of my kids caught head lice. I bought this product because it had the tea tree oil in it. Which is said to deter lice. Also because my daughter has a sensitive scalp and I’m tired of destroying her hair and irritating her scalp with other lice preventing products. After treating with a non chemical treatment, I applied this product. I have been using it for about 3 weeks now and I…

    2. End lice for good! With 4 children we have fought lice on and off for years. I’ve tried multiple over the counter lice treatments only to have them again within a months time. After having to treat everyone, the house & cars over and over. It gets very expensive. Having 2 girls & myself with long hair we would use 3 to 4 boxes at a time to treat the family. It would take hours. I was looking for something with good reviews on Amazon and came across this product & after reading the reviews I figured it was worth a…

    3. D I love this stuff and will be taking it on my … While on a two month long vacation abroad, both my sons (2 & 6) got lice, which we realized when we got back home. It was a horror and an embarrassment. I looked for lice removal treatments in the salons and they were very expensive, considering we had two heads to treat. I shaved off my younger one’s hair, but the older one refused to go bald! I came on amazon looking for shampoos and found this!!!It worked in just 4 consecutive washes!! after that I used it, precautionary,…

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