KINGDOMCARES Salon PTC Fast Heating Hair Straightener Brush Hair Straightening and Hair Curling Electrical Anti-Static Ceramic Comb 3 Levels Heating Anti-Scald Anti-Burns Effective and Easy Straightening Comb Hair Straighteners Purple

The only official KINGDOM CARES Brand Store on Amazon. KINGDOM CARES has been dedicating to developing, designing and manufacturing electrical beauty care products since 1999. Now it is the leader of China market for electrical skin care appliance.

Simply Brush to Smooth and Straighten
Premium PTC ceramic heating components can heat up to the right temperature to gently relax hair as your brush leaving you with silky-smooth straightening hair in just minutes,efficient for your beauty routine.

3 Flexible Levels to Adjust Your Hairstyle Request
3 levels for heating temperatures to fit various hair condition, 23 ceramic heating pieces allows it to quickly contact with a large portion of hair at one time, producing a professional-looking result.

One Button Easy Operation
Hair straightening comb allows you to straighten and curl hair at home, time and money saving. The distinct LED indicator is for visibly heating temperatures control.One button easy operation to achieve the best perfect styling effect.

Less Hair Loss, Less Hair Breakage
The high-quality PTC ceramic heating components minimize the breakage and split of hair as well as hair loss. Comb your hair for several times that you can get smooth and silky hair.

Stylish and Premium Design
Unique and luxury design, high-quality technology, good to be an ideal gift for ladies.

Model Number: KC-288B
Rated Voltage: AC 220-230V
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 29W
Heating Method: PTC heating
While using the hair straightener, the hair shall be under dry state, otherwise, it may fail to reach the styling effect or desired result.

Package Includes:
1* Hair Straightener
1* Power Cord
1* English User Manual

Product Features

  • Thoughtful And Reasonable Temperature Setting: It is designed with precise temperature control to guarantee anti-scald and support warm massage, preventing scalding and burning for your hair. The thoughtful and reasonable heating temperature setting decrease harm to hair. The automatic power shut-off system can avoid over heating. Portable handle design can stop user from burning skin or hands. We always put safety on the first priority and dedicate to providing considerate product to you.
  • Multinational Hair Straightener KINGDOMCARES hair straightener can support hair straightening and hair curling. Effective anti-static, anti-scald and anti-hair broken, efficiently reduce hair knotting. The new generation hair straighter brush makes you to get professional hair-styling with a easy comb, saving time and money at salon. You can also enjoy the benefit of head massage which does well to hair follicle of scalp, providing you healthier and brighter hair condition.
  • Intelligent Temperature Setting: The KINGDOMCARES hair straightener is fit for all types of hair. 3 levels and 284F~356F temperature setting are provided for your convenient choice. The defaulted heating level is set at level 1, which is customized for natural texture hair. 356F heating temperature is for thick or wavy hair. With the fast heating technologies, perfect hair straightening styling can be achieved in a effortless and efficient way.
  • 3 Combinations For Your Hair Beauty: Hair massager + PTC ceramic heating components straightener + 23 ceramic heating pieces comb to achieve fashionable and perfect hair style. A luminous hair style can be created with gorgeous salon-created straightening or curling. Smooth and silky feeling and luster will be left with one easy comb. The 3 Combinations multifunctional hair straightener brush can meet all your style needs.
  • Handy And Stylish Design: Handy and stylish design, portable and powerful to style yourself at home or travel.Easy-to-read digital controls can heat up to salon-standard temperature. 360 degrees rotating cord let you hold it at any angle for the best straightening effect. Easily get a long-lasting perfect styling result.

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3 thoughts on “KINGDOMCARES Salon PTC Fast Heating Hair Straightener Brush Hair Straightening and Hair Curling Electrical Anti-Static Ceramic Comb 3 Levels Heating Anti-Scald Anti-Burns Effective and Easy Straightening Comb Hair Straighteners Purple

  1. Straightens and untangles well, not as good as GHD’s but a fifth of the price Disclaimer: I was given this product from the manufacturer and asked to give a review of it. My review is honest, unbiased and not influenced in any way.First and foremost, this product was reviewed by my partner, not myself! I don’t particularly have enough hair to try this product myself…This hairbrush straightener comes in a retail style box, designed and shows key features of the straightener, all very good.The actual product itself is well made, covered in…

  2. Smooth full hair I will be the first to admit I was a bit sceptical about these hair straightening brushes but I am so glad I accepted the offer to try this straightener at a reduced price in return for an honest review because it is simply amazing! I will say first off when you go to use this straightener do make sure your hair is dry, as this is not a straightener meant to be used with wet hair. Also, do not use this as your actual brush. You want to make sure your hair has been brushed and is…

  3. Fresh new design for straight hair This is a newer style hair product to primarily straighten hair, but will also enable you to easily flick ends up and around – if you prefer a more flicky ‘Rachel’ look (think 90’s Friends). It is ceramic with teeth that from photographs kind of looks like an old fashioned hotbrush. It’s not until you open it that you realise that the teeth are like a triangular prism running along the handle and this makes it quite unique and new in design.It worked very easily, like a treat on my…

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