Modam HairDoctor Shampoo – Natural Treatment for Anti-Dandruff, Dry, Itchy, Scalp Care 300ml

Modam HairDoctor Shampoo


  • 100% natural ingredients, 300 ml
  • -Hair loss prevention and hair thickness improvement effect


  • Brown Shampoo Liquid


  • The size of the shampoo alone: (cm) 5.5×5.5×20.4
  • The size of the shampoo and its box: (cm) 7.5×7.5×2.9

Product features

  • This hair loss prevention shampoo has been certified as hair loss prevention drug by The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and passed Pesticide & Heavy Metal Test so it is trustworthy.
  • This hair loss shampoo has oriental ingredients that supplies focused nutrients to the scalp and the western medicinal ingredients that are effective in preventing inflammation of the scalp and hair loss.
  • Through a long fermenting process, it eliminates poison and raised the absorption power of the product and maximized the effect. It not only prevents hair loss but also raises the elasticity and the thickness of the hair and cares for scalp trouble.

Product Features

  • TOTAl HAIR CARE – It is effective not only to prevent hair loss, but also to increase hair elasticity and thickness. It also has effective functions that relieve dandruff, itching and scalp trouble.
  • HERAL INGREDIENT – It contains an effective herbal ingredient that supply the intensive nutrition for scalp and the western medicine ingredients to prevent irritation and hair loss of the scalp.
  • HAIR GROWTH THERAPY SHAMPOO – Promotes fast hair growth and regrowth for strengthened the codition of your scalp. Our shampoo is the best formula to eliminate hair loss, shedding and thinning hair.
  • FERMENTATION RIPENING TECHNOLOGY – The patented fermentation ripening technology separates the toxicity of herbal medicines and further breaks down the particles, scalp inflammation.
  • TRUSTALBE SHAMPOO – It has been approved by the KFDA (Korea FDA) for hair loss prevention, quasi-drug certification for wool, quasi-FDA insecticide and heavy metal test.

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