Baby Goat Hair Brush and Comb Set for Newborns & Toddlers Eco-Friendly Safe Brush for Cradle Cap Natural Wooden Comb Perfect Baby Shower and Registry Gift (Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set 1)

The baby hair brush and comb is not only beautiful but incredibly perfect for baby’s head because it is so soft and gentle. It provides parents with essential items needed to care for your infant hair. This high quality set is designed for newborn’s delicate little head.It is great Baby Shower and Registry Gift for a mom! Don’t hesitate to add it to your cart.


Measurement: Hair brush:15cm*4.2cm; hair comb:14cm*3.8cm.

Eco-Friendly Soft Brush and Natural Wooden Comb

Prevent static

Odorless,non-toxic,safe for baby

Soft brush bristles for baby’s sensitive scalp

Smooth comb teeth for use with thick/thin or wet/dry hair

Wooden handle designed to hold easily and comfortably for both parent and child

Keep hair soft and smooth

Relieve head scalp and remove the cradle cap

Package include: 1*Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set

Product Features

  • [ Safe brush for toddler ]The specialize baby brush and comb set are made of soft goat hair and tea wood,which is hypoallergenic,BPA free,a beauty and safety item. Please Note:Our baby hair brush is made of goat bristle, so it is very soft. Besides, it maybe shed off for it’s natural goat hair feature which unlike the synthetic fiber. Our engineer have improved the hair-planting technology but not change the composition of the goat bristle. So please understand we keep the original goat bristle
  • [ Relax Baby Head Skin and Soft Massage ] The brush bristles are so soft that your honey could enjoy massage as an indulgent spa treatment.Even baby take it to brush their face,it still make them feel soft and not mind one bit.
  • [ Prevent Cradle Cap ] The soft bristle baby brush helps gently loosen baby head skin when washing their hair and nursing to release natural oils to get rid of cradle cap.
  • [ Perfect Gift ] This brush and comb set is a must have for any new mommy.It would make an absolutely perfect baby shower gift as those baby care kits don’t have grooming set!

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Hair Scalp Massager | 2 Pack Shampoo Brush for Men Women Kids & Pets | Scalp Brushes Perfect for Dandruff Treatment, Body Massager, Head Scratcher | Shower Scrubber w Soft Silicone Comb | Green & Pink

A 2019 Amazon’s Choice Product

★ Wake up morning fresh with our shower brush by scrubbing your head lightly to invigorate and nourish the natural oil glands, follicles and capillaries

★ Deeply massage the hair roots in the evening before sleep to untangle tight tissues, prevent stress and relieve an itchy scalp after a long day

★ Show off your hair’s healthy sheen and shine all day during the weekend by restoring its lost moisture

Make the most of your 2 pack handheld massage brush kit

For Home Gym, Office and Travel
– Regain 24/7 control over your daily rinsing routine as our free cosmetics case gives you full flexibility
– Our shower hair brush massager is very easy to hold and fits perfectly in your palm

For Him and For Her
– The massaging shampoo brush is a must have for sharing as it helps avoid cross-use
– It’s suitable for men, women, kids (babies) and pet grooming

For a Multi-Purpose Experience
– Take a rest and lie down when you apply the body wash scalp brush as a meridian massage comb, a shoulder massager, a back massager or even a foot massager!
– Why not, use this also for styling – to spread gel, lotion, and wax products – and moisturizing treatments – for exfoliating scalp or cellulite cream solutions
– Our mini dandruff brush is suitable for all hair types, whether thick, thin, wet, dry, curly, straight, dull, greasy, etc

About Nature Rise

1) RISK-FREE: For a limited period we offer an 18 MONTH money back guarantee

2) With every purchase, 3% will be donated to charity

At Nature Rise, we aim to deliver quality growth devices for all your Home and Travel needs. Our vision is to provide sustainable and functional products to upgrade your daily Health and Awareness.

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Product Features

  • ♦ UPDATED TOURMALINE CONTAINED MODEL ♦ – Our Deeply Relaxing Eco-Friendly Scalp Massager for Hair Growth Stimulation is the Perfect Scalp Tool for a Thorough Deep-Cleaning. Say Goodbye to using too much Shampoo that doesn’t Even Fully Reach your Hair Roots! Be Prepared also for a Ridiculously Good Tingling Feeling while you Wash & Remove Flaking Hair Shafts, Hardened Sebum & Residue Buildup from Dirt, Shampoo Suds & Dead Skin Cells
  • ♦ SUPER SOFT SILICON RUBBER BRISTLES ♦ – With a Lightweight Smooth Design (2.5 Oz), Waterproof Surface and Ergonomic Tear Drop Grip Handle for Extra Control, feel the Delightful and Gentle Comfort of our 25 Uneven Flexible Grooves replacing your scratchy finger nails and stiff hard Electric Massager Bristles
  • ♦ X2 PREMIUM BATH & BODY WASHING MASSAGER ♦ – At Nature Rise the #1 Question we receive is “Why a 2 Pack?” We’re so Happy You asked! > Always Busy Moving? With the Sleek Portable Carry Case you’ll Travel with one To-Go and easily stow away – Great for Holiday Work Office > Sore Body? You’ll immediately feel Rejuvenated as Tight Muscles and Joint Tensions Gently Disappear when you use our Brush as a Multiuse Body Scrub > Have Health Conscious Friends and Family? It’s the Perfect Gift for Them!
  • ♦ MASSAGING SHAMPOO SPA THERAPY ♦ – Tired? Tense? Is your Hair Suffering or your Scalp Sore? Our Hair Massager Does the Trick for you as its Brush Tips Gently Release Nerve Pressures from your Crown and Temples; Besides Reducing Fatigue, Headaches and Migraines, the Scalp Massager Brush also Soothes your Sensitive Skin and Melts Away Stress & Worry. With Regular Use, Our Head Massager can also Reduce Hair Loss by Promoting Blood Flow Circulation while also Creating a Natural Anti Dry Effect
  • ❤ LATHER, CLEAN & NOURISH WITH CONFIDENCE ❤ – Why go and spend 7 dollars or more for only 1 Massage Brush that can cause infections from everyday hair/body skin cross-use? Feel Safe and Hygienic as you make our Manual Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush your Go-To Favorite Home Bathing Accessory with our Hassle-Free Guarantee. If for any reason you aren’t absolutely thrilled with your new Nature Rise Scalp Care Brush Set, we’ll ensure to give you a full refund!

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Cradle Cap Brush and Comb Set – Infant Baby Boys Girls Perfect Shower Gift – Black and White

This newborn brush and comb set is the perfect gift for baby showers. It has gentle bristles on the brush to use on infants to massage sensitive scalp. The comb has teeth that are close together to gather up dry scales from the scalp caused by stubborn cradle cap. The combination is excellent for styling hair to suit your child.

Product Features

  • Perfect for bathtime
  • Great for treating cradle cap in infants
  • Soft bristles to massage delicate baby scalp
  • Comb removes dry scales from scalp
  • Gentle for newborns and infants

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Chibello 4 Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set | Natural Goat Bristles Brush for Cradle Cap Treatment | Wood Bristle Brush for Newborns and Toddlers | Perfect for Baby Shower and Registry

*Please note that the air hole on the wooden bristle brush is not a defect*

Cradle cap is a condition that affects more than 50% of babies in the first 12-18 months of life. It appears as rough, dry, scaly, and sometimes red patches of skin on the baby’s scalp that are either painful or difficult to remove. These patches can cause discomfort for the newborn, which is alarming to parents.

The most successful treatment for cradle cap: lightly loosening and removing the scales/patches using special brushes that are gentle yet effective.

The problem is that current brushes are either too rough for the gentle scalp of your newborn or bad for the environment. We have your solution!

The solution: We know and understand that all parents want the absolute best for their child, so we have created this set with love to prevent any worry and discomfort for both the parents and newborns. These brushes are perfect to address the cradle cap condition and to detangle messy hair, whether it be a few strands or a full head of hair.

Our Deluxe Set includes:

  • Natural goat-hair soft brush
  • Deluxe wooden bristles massage brush
  • Natural wooden comb
  • BONUS Silicone brush

Pro tip: Use directly after a warm bath for the best results.

Bath time fun: Your newborn will delight at the relaxing gentle touch of each bristle and they’ll come to enjoy “getting their hair done!”

Perfect for baby shower and registry gifts: Buy our Chibello hairbrush set for your friends as a way to eliminate the baby jitters all new parents face!

Product Features

  • ✅👶IDEAL FOR PREVENTING CRADLE CAP | The silky soft, 100% natural goat hair bristles provide a gentle brush for the sensitive scalps of newborns and toddlers. Prevents cradle cap, conditions hair and distributes natural oils down the hair shaft. Soft bristles reduce static and are very gentle on your baby’s soft spot
  • ✅👶EVERYTHING PARENTS NEED TO CARE FOR BABY’S HAIR AND SCALP This set has everything parents need for grooming baby’s hair from infant to toddler. This set includes a natural goat hair brush, a wooden massage brush, a wooden comb and bonus soft silicone massager
  • ✅👶NATURAL AND HYPOALLERGENIC FOR ALL HAIR TYPES Soothing Hair Brush | Made from beech wood with wooden bristles, this brush provides relaxing massage and increases circulation while helping you to brush your newborn’s hair
  • ✅👶NO MORE TANGLED HAIR Premium wooden comb | Produced with eco-friendly premium wood, this comb is designed to help you softly detangle your little one’s hair
  • ✅👶UNIQUE GIFT BOX DESIGN PERFECT FOR BABY SHOWER AND REGISTRY GIFT Our unique packaging needs no wrapping paper or bows. It’s ready to go as it is and will surely score extra points with the mommy-to-be. Add our Deluxe Collection Set as a registry gift, or get the set as a present if you’re headed a baby shower. Rest assured that future parents will love the quality and the memorable design

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