PSL fatigue, dropping temperatures, shorter days… all telltale symptoms that fall is here and winter—gasp—will shortly be upon us. Another side effect? A dry, itchy scalp situation. Between flakes, scales, and other uncomfortable unmentionables, the colder seasons are no dear friends of our hairlines. Many of us fall victim regardless of our skin type, hair texture, or length. 

Thanks to a perfect-storm combination of sweater weather, allergens, and dry-as-a-bone moisture levels, fall and winter can be a harrowing time for our strand goals such as shine, health, or perhaps fast and furious growth. (Unless, of course, you’re planning a big chop!) Luckily, all of our favorite haircare brands totally have our back and consistently debut new, science-backed formulas to prevent, reverse, or cure a stubborn dry scalp and its side effects such as itchiness, flakes, so on and so forth.

To take the load off your soon-to-be dandruff-free shoulders, we scoured four of our favorite beauty retailers for the top-rated scalp treatments loyal customers can’t stop raving about and repurchasing. Keep scrolling for 16 of the best products to help treat dry scalp.

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