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It calms my itchy scalp

I first tried the brand years ago when I had an unfortunate allergic reaction to some hair products. I was writing primarily about hair at the time and was testing a plethora of products on a regular basis. One of them didn’t quite sit right with my scalp and it suddenly became insanely itchy. I tried to resist, but it got to the point where I had to scratch vigorously to get any sort of relief.

After deciding to give my hair a break, I went to my local drugstore and picked up a bottle of the original Selsun Blue shampoo. After a single use, my scalp felt instantly soothed and within a few uses, that itchy sensation was a thing of the past.

My scalp always seems to get itchy at the start of a new season, especially during winter.Courtesy of Chrissy Callahan

It’s an affordable option

Fast forward to last year, and I started to feel that familiar itch once winter rolled around. Though I’d had luck with the original Selsun Blue shampoo before, this time I was intrigued by another product from the collection: Selsun Blue Naturals Itchy Dry Scalp Shampoo. I love reaching for products with less harsh ingredients, so I was excited to give the “Naturals” formula a try.

Much like the first time I used a shampoo from the brand, my scalp felt instant relief after the first wash. After using it consistently for a week or two, that fiery itch was gone (thanks to the salicylic acid and aloe) and my scalp was back on track.

I love the fact that the shampoo is clear and gives a nice lather. The formula isn’t creamy, which I prefer because it gives a squeaky clean feel. Plus, at $7 I don’t worry about replacing it whenever I run out of a bottle.

Now I use Selsun Blue at least twice a month to help keep my scalp in check. It’s one of my best kept drugstore beauty secrets!

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