10 Common Things You Should Absolutely Never Do To Your Hair In Winter

Keeping hair healthy is difficult no matter what time of the year it is. But in the dead of winter? Itcan almost feel like your hair has given up on you!

If you find yourself tying your hair back more during the winter months because of how dry and damaged it is, you’re not alone. It’s commonfor hair to dry out during this time of year, but it’s certainly not healthy.

You may think that the only option is to wait for summer to come around, with its heavy, humid heat to keepyour locksnice and hydrated. However, there are some things that you can do to help combat the winter blues besides just saying “to heck with it”and chopping it all off.

Scroll through below to see 10 things you should stop doing to your hair during winter. With these simple tips, you’ll surely notice a huge difference in how strong your hair is, despite the blistering cold outside.

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1. Use Scalding-Hot Water


Yes, it feels sogreat to come in from a cold day and hop into a steaming-hot shower.

However, when it comes time to wetyour head, you might want to tone the temperature down a bit, lest you scorch your hair and dry it out, causing even more breakage than if you were to use lukewarm water.

2. Bleach It Platinum Blonde


Winter isn’t the time to go blonde, as it’s incredibly damaging to the hair. For minimal distress, stay darker for the winter months and wait for the more humid months to process your hair so heavily. Your follicles and your stylist will both thank you.

If you’re a die-hard bleached blonde, maybe look at the winter as an opportunity to explore atransformation to brunette. Who knows it could be fun!

3. Rush Out The Door Without Drying


If you’ve done this before, you know that your wet hair can actually freeze pretty quickly. When this happens, your hair cuticles can actually freeze too, and that causes damage and breakage.

Make sure that you have enough time to properly dry your hair before you step outside.

4. Get A Cut That Requires A Lot Of Styling


If you’re going for a new look this winter, try one that requires little to no upkeep. The more you fuss with your hair, the more it will get damaged and break, which already happens way too much in the cold.

Hassle-free cuts arethe way to go in the wintertime!

5. Straighten Or Curl It Daily


It’s no mystery that styling tools damage your hair, but it’s even worse in the winter months, when your hair is already lacking moisture and strength.

Try letting your natural texture out a couple days each week, at least. Maybe you will even learn to love your natural tresses!

6. Choose The Wrong Hat


If you wear a hat to shield your hair from the cold and the wind, then you might stand a better chance against breakage.

However, you should line your cotton and wool hats with a material like silk, because harshermaterialscan rub against the strands of hair and make them more susceptible to damage.

7. Skip The Protectant


If you do use heat tools, even just a hair dryer, you should be using heat protectant on your hair. It coats each follicle and shieldsit from some of the damage ofyour styling tools.

This is important all year long really, but it’sextra crucial during the cold months when your hair is even more delicate. You should also make sure to give your hair extra oil treatments and masks in the wintertime to combat the dryness.

8. Over-Shampoo


Shampooing every day can result in a dry scalp, and in winter, the repercussions are even worse than in the rest of the year.

You’ll get itchy and dandruffy if you shampoo more than every three days (give or take, depending on the individual). Some even think you shouldstop shampooing altogether, but that’s a bit extreme for my personal taste.

9. Keep The Humidifier In The Closet


This may not seem like a harmful thing foryour hair, but keeping a humidifier running in your home canhelp rehydrate your tresseswhile you sleep or do chores.

It’s really a wonder that they don’t sell humidifiers in the hair section during the winter!

10. Use Static Guard Or Dryer Sheet Hacks


If you try to treat thestatic in your hair that comes from wearinghats or hoods with temporary fixes (like with static guard or a dryer sheet), you could be doing a lot of harm. Static is an indicator that your hair is too dry.

Instead, double up your protectivetreatment with some leave-in conditioner after you’ve already conditioned in the shower.

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