Body Massage Brush & Hair Scalp Massage Brush for Scalp Care Hair Cleaning Shower Cellulite Massager, Pink

Head Massager
How to use
1. Any suitable by washing your hair, put the shampoo on wet hair. Circle around hair up to see that they do a lot of foam, then move slowly on the hair for 5 minutes.
2. Starting at the front of your head, move slowly the brush across your scalp, using as much or as little pressure as you wish, and by making sure to spend extra time on the areas where you could have the scalp scales or dry
Tip: Please keep the brush from top to bottom. Do not move in a circle so that we do not wring the hair in a crowd.
Body Massager
How to use
1. Take the handle.
2. Massage Relax muscle and apply the device on the part of the body that you want.
3. Wet the body with the cellulitique, oil or as a shower gel.
4. Massage the buttocks, inner and outer thighs, upper arms and other parts of the body in a circular motion.
Note: – Please keep the brush from top to bottom. Do not move in a circle to wring out the hair in a crowd.
Dry – Keep It Cool, do not put it under the sun or at a high temperature, when you do not use it for a long time.
Contents of the package
1 x Head Massager
1x Body Massager

Product Features

  • 【Hair Scalp Massage Brush】 The soft scalp brush heads is made by silicone and it will do no harm to your scalp.The scalp massager can massage your head and help to promote blood circulation, increase the vitality of the scalp and hair and improve the sub healthy state.To avoid damaging to nails and no need to worry about hurting scalp, it is a great tool to use after manicure.
  • 【Cellulite Massage Brush】 The cellulite brush massager can massage deeply on thighs, hips, arms and belly for a relaxing, effective and safe treatment so that it helps smoothen and tone spongy looking skin.
  • 【Soft Silicone】 These massager brushes are made of silicon, soft enough to use for kids, very gentle, doesn’t irritate your scalp at all, sturdy, will not deformation.
  • 【Ergonomic Design】 The grip handle of cellulite massage brush with suitable surface area makes it comfortable to smooth and glide easily over your skins.
  • 【Bath Brush Set】 The cellulite brush and scalp brush are perfect for your shower and can be used as bath brush. The waterproof design can ensure them are safe while bathing and keep them in the bathroom. The body massager brushes relax nerves and muscle to relieve fatigue. A health diet, plenty of exercise and daily massage will keep your body healthier.

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