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Natural Lavender with Rosemary Extract Shampoo – Intensive Repair Shampoo – ALL Natural Herbal Shampoo – Paraben Free – Sulfate Free – Scalp Moisture Therapy – Suitable for All Hair Types – 3 X 350 ml

What causes damage to the hair ? They can make or mar your first impressions. A glossy, healthy mane always speaks for itself but in today’s hectic lifestyle it is almost impossible to take care of hair. Sun’s UV...

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Pukhraj Aloe Vera Shampoo and conditioner – Deep Moisturising Scalp Therapy – Dandruff scalp treatment – Hair Fall Damage Control – Anti-Dandruff – Sulfate Free -All Hair Type 200 ML Produced in India

Healthy hair shouldn’t just look good, it should also feel great. The hair gets damaged by harsh sun rays, strong winds, dust, pollutants, styling tools and coloring, hence making it difficult to find the right and...

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Natural Amla/Gooseberry Shikakai/Acacia concinna Shampoo – Hairfall & Damage Control with Corn Rose Conditioner – Paraben Free -Sulfate Free – Scalp Moisture Therapy – For All hair Type – 2 X 110 Ml

How does Shikakai benefit the hair ? Shikakai is an all natural herb that is capable of deeply conditioning the scalp and provide that touchable softness to the hair. Taking care of oil regulation in the scalp, Shikakai works...

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Ultra Nourishing Conditioner – Corn Rose Conditioner with Hibiscus Extract – ★ Herbal Conditioner – ★ Sulfate Free – ★ Scalp Therapy – ★ Moisture Therapy – ★ ALL Natural – Value Pack of 3 X 110ml

Why is a conditioner important after shampooing your hair ? So you are done cleansing your hair with your favorite fruity smelling shampoo. Do you step out the bath or put on that melt-in-my-hands conditioner? If you are the...

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