Dry Scalp Causes And Treatments

dry scalpDandruff or dry scalp can be caused from a few elements. Eczema is a skin situation that causes extra shedding of the skin. A fungal infection may also be the trigger as can weather and local weather factors such as low humidity. Symptom of dandruff can be dry, itchy scalp and the look of white flakes in accordance to WebMD.

Fekkai Scalp Purifying shampoo utilizes niacin to reinforce follicle function by increasing nutrients of the hair and scalp. This item is meant to be utilized for gentle to reasonable dry scalp treatment circumstances. Boasts a Niaplex patented technology that balances and purifies the scalp.

I hate how thick the texture of the shampoo is. The texture of the Head and Shoulders shampoo seems too thick for a shampoo. It is heavy in my hands, which I truly dislike.

Add juice of curry leaves, basil flowers, hibiscus and currant boiling coconut oil and then this combination more than medium warmth. Use this answer on the hair gently and leave it for some time. Subsequently wash with soap and water.

Selsun Blue Medicated is an unusual opaque colour of eco-friendly. It’s pretty thick as far as shampoo goes and has a powerful, medicinal scent. Selsun Blue dandruff shampoo has an obvious tingle when you use it (and for a few hrs afterward). The strong scent of Selsun Blue Medicated shampoo also stays with you for a whilst (particularly whilst your hair is moist). The energetic component in Selsun Blue is selenium sulfide, an anti-fungal therapy that can be offered more than the counter as lengthy as the quantity contained doesn’t exceed one%twenty five. Selsun Blue contains 1%twenty five. Selsun Blue was initially produced by Abbott Laboratories, but is now created by Chattem.


In addition to Selsun Blue Medicated, there are several other dandruff shampoo formulation such as moisturizing, every day or 2-in-one. The company has also recently launched an every day line known as Selsun Salon.

Zinc can be discovered in numerous parts of the physique. Zinc heals injuries and also assists you neutralize free radicals that harm your pores and skin. You can obtain this mineral in your physique by consuming things like sesame seed butter, wheat germ and dark chocolate.

Mix components together in a dish and wile holing your head over a sink, or do it outside. using your fingers rub it into your scalp and roots, wrap your hair in a towel (so the salt wont go wall more than the place) permit it to sit for 10-fifteen minutes. Wile standing again outdoors or in the tub, brush the hair with a bristle brush, to eliminate the salt and baking soda. If you have dark hair use much less of the salt combination in the front of the hair, at least the initial fews occasions till you get good at getting rid of it.

Easy Dry Scalp Treatment

The dry scalp treatment is becoming popular all over the world due to the increasing cases of the dry scalp in both men and women.

About the malady of the dry scalp

In modern society, projecting a smart appearance is very important part for impressing the other people. It is a very image-conscious society. So, the smooth and silky hairs are an important requirement of the smart and chic image for both men and women who want go ahead in their careers and the life. At such times, dry scalp can become a serious liability and cause for embarrassment for them. But, due to hectic lifestyle, most of them do not have time to maintain their hairs.  Don’t worry, in this article we will discuss the reasons for the dry scalp and the options for the dry scalp treatment. Like any other problem, there are various causes of the dry scalp.

Dry scalp treatment

Various causes of the dry scalp and the dry scalp treatment

The basic reason for the dry scalp is said to be the lack of enough natural oils in the body. The skin’s sebaceous glands secrete lipids and the oil which is important for maintaining the natural moisture of scalp and the hairs. The hairs and the scalp become dry if it is stripped of this natural lubrication.  The dry scalp in turns causes itching, flaking and the brittle hairs which can break easily. It is a well known fact that if you know the causes, you can get the appropriate dry scalp treatment. So, the various causes of the dry scalp are as follows

One of the major reasons of the dry scalp is the harsh hair cleansers or shampoos. Some of the hair shampoos or the cleansers contain various chemicals which remove the natural oil from the head. For preventing this, you should avoid the hair shampoos or cleansers which contain the anti-bacterial substances as these substances tend to be abrasive. If you would like to use any anti-dandruff shampoo, you should use one which has the moisturizing properties while you are continuing with the dry scalp treatment. When you finish your dry scalp treatment, you should discontinue using the anti-bacterial shampoo with the moisturizing properties.  After that, you should switch to the milder shampoo and limit the times when you use shampoo to wash your hairs in a week.

The indiscriminate use of hot water in the bath or the shower is one of the major reasons of the dry scalp. If you do not want to strip off the lipids from your hairs and the skins, you should start using warm to lukewarm water for bath and shower. If you prefer hot water to bath and shower, you can cover your head and hairs with the shower cap. Afterwards, you can wash your scalp with the cool water.

Dry scalp leads to the brittle hairs, itching and flaking which is not good for the smooth and silky hairs. So, if you are having dry scalp problem, do not waste time and take dry scalp treatment.