Davis Finest Multani Mitti Powder – Pure Natural Fullers Earth Bentonite Indian Healing Clay Mask for Skincare & Haircare – Smooth Skin Brightener Complexion Rescue (100g)

Multani Mitti, Fullers Earth or Bentonite Clay, is quite simply mud on your face or in your hair. Multani Mitti is also known as Indian Healing Clay because of its beneficial properties to skin and hair. A natural clay it is one of the most essential and popular Indian beauty product ingredient in facial and hair treatments because it removes toxins and impurities from skin and scalp without stripping the natural oils. It is effective against pimple breakouts.

Use as a natural exfoliating face mask on oily skin to reduce enlarged pores, treat acne scars and blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads. Multani will remove dead skin to rejuvenate skin leaving skin tightened smooth and radiant and as a natural hair shampoo cleanser will leave healthy scalp and hair.

Suggestions For Use

Always use Multani Mitti as a base for binding and easy application of facial herbal powders

Antiaging/Skin Tightener/Brightener multani mitti, hibiscus powder, rose petal powder, liquorice root powder. (Note skin will feel tight with this mask).

Oily Skin/Lightener /Blemishes/Dark Spots – multani mitti, orange peel powder, liquorice root powder (optional, rose petal powder, hibiscus powder).

Smooth Radiant Glowing Skin – multani mitti, hibiscus powder, rose petal powder.

Problem Skin/Acne – multani mitti, aloe vera, neem, hibiscus, reetha, tulsi.

Hair Shampoo/Cleansing – multani mitti, reetha, shikakai.


Mix with water or rose water into a paste and apply to cleansed damp face for 30-40mins (the longer the more beneficial for herbal powders). Will harden on face but washes off easily once touched with water. Moisturise.

Product Features

  • PORE CLEANSING: multani mitti fullers earth is a pore cleaning cleanser for enlarged pores unclogging and cleansing pores making skin tight. It is an effective face cleanser for oily skin control treatment preventing acne scars and pimple breakouts
  • EXFOLIATOR-REMOVE DEAD SKIN & TOXINS: multani mitti powder a natural Indian healing earth mineral clay will exfoliate face, body and scalp eliminating impurities and toxins. This healing clay powder will remove dead skin leaving healthy skin and clear. It is an effective remedy against blackheads and whiteheads
  • NATURAL SKIN LIGHTENING & BRIGHTENING: a natural face brightener and skin lightener multani mitti clay will help to reduce blemishes scars and spots to rejuvenate skin leaving it soft smooth and radiant. COMPLEXION RESCUE: use as part of your natural face mask pack to leave complexion clean clear and glowing and best of all it is paraben and chemical free, no need ever for a facial mask containing preservatives. You will gain beautiful skin
  • HAIRCARE: multani mitti powder is not only for skincare but haircare too. It will cleanse scalp leaving not only a dandruff free healthy scalp but also shining hair. Your scalp and hair will be squeaky clean as multani mitti also works as a natural dry shampoo for hair but sulphate free
  • SUITABILITY: all skin (but avoid if you have extremely dry skin) and hair types. VACUUM PACKED FOR FRESHNESS (which means product will be solid to the touch but soft when opened) IN RESEALABLE STANDING POUCH

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2 thoughts on “Davis Finest Multani Mitti Powder – Pure Natural Fullers Earth Bentonite Indian Healing Clay Mask for Skincare & Haircare – Smooth Skin Brightener Complexion Rescue (100g)

  1. Leaves skin clear, smooth and glowing I didn’t know what Multani Mitti / Fullers Earth was. I came across it online as part as a natural skincare video and wanted to know more about it. It is used in cosmetics and I probably had it in the form of a face mask mixed with other ingredients. This Multani Mitti from Davis Finest is a revelation to me. I saw and felt a noticeable difference on my skin after the first use!Simply mix with water and apply as a mask. About a teaspoon is enough to cover my face and neck. I…

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