Davis Finest Pure Indigo Powder Hair Colour – 100% Natural Organic Hair Dye Used With Henna to Achieve Black Brown Copper Colouring – Chemical PPD Ammonia Free (100g)

Indigo is also known as true indigo because of the very blue natural dye that comes from it which is used to dye textiles as well as colour hair. Indigo dye like henna hair dye is 100% natural plant free from chemicals, no ppd to cause allergic reactions. It is pure natural and safe to use on all types of hair. In combination with Henna, you can achieve any natural hair colour ranging from shades of brown to black, depending on colour of hair to start with, proportion of henna to indigo and length of time allowed to stay on hair. Henna will soften and indigo will thicken giving natural volume to hair leaving it thick.

Always use Indigo and Henna together as a two way process if you have light, white or gray coloured hair and want to achieve any shades of brown to black otherwise, Indigo applied to light coloured hair will definitely leave you with a blue-green colour tint however it enhances the colour of black hair.

Using Indigo Powder

Unlike Henna there is no need for dye release and Indigo should be used as soon as it made up as it does not keep its dyeing powers although it can be left to stand a little if mixed in with other herbs for an experimental shade.

Unlike Henna Indigo powder cannot be frozen so any remainder should be thrown away but better still, use it all up in your hair by applying thickly or just mix what is needed, you can always mix some more quickly if needs be.

Indigo powder should be mixed to a smooth soft peak consistency but not runny otherwise it can be clumpy like cement mix but when combined with other herbal powders such as amla, it becomes more pliable making it easier to apply and wash out of hair. Always condition hair (natural conditioner) after using Indigo for a softer feel as it can sometimes leave hair feeling a bit dry and brittle particularly if it is mixed too thick.

Product Features

  • NATURAL HAIR DYE: indigo hair dye is a natural hair dye obtained from the indigo plant and is therefore plant based and free from chemicals, ppd (p-paraphenylenediamine) ammonia, lead and metals
  • INDIGO AND HENNA POWDER: use indigo powder with henna powder to achieve any shade of natural hair colour inbetween light brown to jet black as indigo is blue by nature but its interaction with henna will lead to various experimental shades of permanent hair dye colours such as dark brown and black
  • COLOURS BLACK HAIR NATURALLY: indigo is the natural black dye for natural black hair as it will enhance the natural colour of black hair beautifully with no chemicals but if used without henna on gray, white or light hair, it will change those hair colours to a blue or blue-green shade (depending on hair colour). BE WARNED NEVER USE SOLELY ON GRAY OR WHITE HAIR UNLESS YOU WANT TO HAVE A BLUE RINSE
  • HAIR VOLUMISER: indigo not only colours, it will also give natural hair volume as it is a natural hair thickening product and will leave hair feeling thick and volumised
  • SUITABLE: for all hair types including Asian European African Caribbean (including dreadlocks) – DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS INSIDE. VACUUM PACKED FOR FRESHNESS

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