Full Marks Solution 4 Treatments – 200 ml

Toxin free, Quick & easy treatment, Head lice solution & comb included, Low odour, Used according to the instructions,Full Marks Solution will eliminate head lice and their eggs.Should a member of your family need treatment with Full Marks Solution check other members of your family for live lice with a detector comb and treat if necessary, One quarter of this bottle con tains sufficient solution to treat head lice on one head. Apply enough to cover scalp and hair to ensure complete success.

Product Features

  • Contains solution treatment and comb
  • Clinically proven to kill head lice
  • Helps eliminate eggs
  • 5-minute treatment
  • Effective in one use*
  • *Repeat if necessary

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2 thoughts on “Full Marks Solution 4 Treatments – 200 ml

  1. Worked first time. Easy and doesn’t smell This worked excellent. My daughter was crawling with lice, I put this on and then after 10 mins combed out all the lice, loads of them and they were all dead. The instructions tells you to repeat after 3 days but I have been checking her hair regularly now since putting it on last week and there’s nothing there at all, she’s completely clear. I also put it on me just Incase but I had nothing when I combed it out. Used for me and my daughter, both long hair and only used about 1/3 of the bottle,…

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