Fytto Reusable Ice Bag, Hot & Cold Treatment for Sports Injuries & Pain Relief, 9″ Green

Superior Technology & Design
Our Reusable Ice Bag can be used for both hot & cold thermal therapy. The bag features a durable double-skin for a more comfortable sensation against the skin without the risk of extreme temperature ranges common to chemical gels. The compress comes in 2 sizes: 9″ (medium) & 11″ (large) diameter.

Medical Performance
COLD THERAPY is generally best used for calming acute injuries such as falls & sprains, or as relief from inflammation caused by sudden muscle overexertion. The cold causes vasoconstriction (less swelling), and lowers nerve conduction velocity (numbs sharp pain). HEAT THERAPY is ideal for chronic aches and pain that have built up over time. This helps with ligament elasticity (stiffness) and promotes blood circulation to help the body naturally recover faster. This information is for general reference only, if in doubt always ask your doctor which is more suitable.

    Ideal For:

  • COLD THERAPY: calms acute swelling/inflammation from injuries/overuse
  • HEAT THERAPY: promotes blood flow to stiff joints & soothes chronic pain
  • Families with young children
  • Sports & running clubs
  • First-aid kits in the office

Crush ice BEFORE pouring it into the bag, or you may damage the product. Do NOT use water hotter than 55°C (tap water), or you may cause burns – especially with children.

Technical Specifications
Bag size: 9″ (medium) or 11″ (large) diameter
Colour styles: Blue & White, Green, Snow, & Dark Blue
Hand wash in cool water – hang dry
1 bag per package

Designed in the USA. Manufactured in Taiwan.
FDA & ISO Certified

Product Features

  • ICE BAG numbs sharp pain & reduces inflammation due to injury or vigorous exercise; just fill it up with pre-crushed ice
  • USABLE AS A HEAT COMPRESS to soothe stiff joints and relax muscle tension; simply add warm water from the tap under 55°C
  • DURABLE DOUBLE-SKIN bag ensures a soft, dry feel against the skin, prevents ‘cryoburn’, and comes with a wide, anti-leak cap for easy filling
  • AVAILABLE IN 9″ & 11″ DIAMETERS and 4 styles; Blue & White, Green, Snow, & Dark Blue
  • REUSABLE & TIME-PROVEN design that doesn’t require synthetic chemicals, microwaves, or repeat purchases

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  1. This thing works a treat! I was kindly sent this bottle for review some months ago by Comftopia and it has come into it’s own of late!This is the classic ice or hot water bottle that you can just sit on or place on your head or any body part in order to soothe it. I was sent the snowflake design 11cm version.The bottle itself is made from a waterproof material which feels like a thin rubber but softer to the touch. Although soft it’s definitely durable enough for day to day use/handling. The…

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