Hair Growth Oil Anti Loss Promote Thick Fast Hair Treatment Essential Serum

Hair Type: All Hair Types
Gender: Unisex
Feature: Hair care,improve hair loss
NET WT: 40g
Ingredients: Ginger extract

Package included:1 x Hair essential oil

Product Features

  • Contains ginger, Polygonum multiflorum, Oriental Arborvitae essential oil molecular extraction and nutritional essence, deep massage the scalp at the same time, in-depth hair follicles, repair hair follicles, activate hair regeneration function, improve a variety of hair problems.
  • Improve itchy hair, hair oil, hair dull problems, effective oil control.
  • Provide nutrition for the hair capsule, repair damaged hair, decrease hair loss, own smooth and flexible hair.
  • Dyed and perm care,improve the bifurcation and dry problems.
  • Solve the five hair loss trouble, hair dye hair loss, seasonal hair loss, postpartum hair loss, congenital alopecia, seborrheic alopecia.

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