Heading to hot yoga where you already know you’ll leave drenched with sweat or a low-impact Pilates class that you know will have a super chill vibe? Make the most of your time and wear a leave-in conditioning treatment while you exercise.

While it might make you look even sweatier thanks to that oily sheen, the leave-in treatment also promises to help offset the damage that comes with wearing tight ponytails to the gym on the reg.

Before you create your bun, braid, or low ponytail, “work the product through the middle of hair to the ends, and use a head wrap or headband to keep it from running into your eyes,” suggests Butler. Once you’re done with your workout, feel free to wash it out right away or, if you don’t mind the wet look, wait until your next shower, says Buetler, who says it’s totally okay to leave this treatment in overnight.

If you have the time for a more intense treatment, he recommends sitting in the steam room or sauna for 10-20 minutes and then rinsing your hair with cool water. “Not only will it feel great, but it will help close the cuticle, locking in the moisture treatment,” he explains. You can choose any type of leave-in conditioner (and these hair masks are great options too!), but Butler is partial to this Leonor Greyl treatment.

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