Head Nit Comb Lice Treatment Comb Stainless Steel Remove Lice Fleas &Eggs, Metal Teeth Comb Protect Scalp for Long or Short Hair-Magichome

The Safest ,Quickest and  Easiestway to Treat Head Lice and Nits

Getting the ‘head lice letter’ from your children’s school. Just the mention of lice brings you out in heebie jeebies & sets you scratching, knowing it’s the start of a long, slow, stressful & expensive round of chemical warfare & combing to get rid of the lice.Perhaps you was  horrified after seeing lice crawling in someones hair at work so wanted to check!

It’s an experience we’ve all had.SO I chose the metal comb recommended by the chemist as my product.

.★★ Safety without stimulation

It gets the job done using advanced design and old-fashioned common sense,eliminates the use of Harsh Chemicals that can cause Eye Damage. Qukly Removes Nits Lice and Fleas and eggs from kids & Adults hair .The whole process Perfect PAINLESS ,Very SAFE!

.★★Durable and Economic

Comb teeth will not to bend and break because it’s made of stainless steel was really strong enough.Needs no batteries. You can repeated use without having to buy the expensive lotions all the time.

.★★ Hand Feeling Nice

Our comb was Solid with handle.Treat Head Lice Easily  at Home with this handle. I believe it will be your ultimate ideal choice!

What’s in the box:

– Lice comb 

– Cleaning brush

– Instructions 

If for any reason you don’t love the Magichome Nit Comb please let us know and we’ll send you a refund – no questions asked.

Product Features

  • -Comfortable handle for easy user removes head lice,nits and eggs quickly in one go
  • -Rounded edges not to irritate the scalp or ruin the hair
  • -Made of stainless steel sturdy and durable,with a brush makes clean easier
  • -Needs no batteries economical and practical,Contains no chemicals so safe for all ages, both dry and wet hair
  • -100% Safe, painless,It’s an experience we’ve all had

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