Joico Daily Care Treatment Shampoo 1000ml

Product Features

  • Daily treatment shampoo
  • Helps control scalp problems
  • Protects against environmental stress
  • Leaves scalp free of dry skin and oily build up
  • Promotes circulation

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2 thoughts on “Joico Daily Care Treatment Shampoo 1000ml

  1. can’t do without it now! I love this shampoo. I started using it 5 yrs ago after a hairdresser recommended it. I normally don’t fall for hairdresser patter about shampoo but I decided to treat myself. I am never so glad that I did. Normally I would use a shampo for a couple of bottles and then get frustrated that my hair looked rubbish and my scalp felt terrible. With this Joico Daily Care Treatment shampoo though I have never had that problem.I never thought to buy shampoo online before but decided tomake…

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