Oilatum Emollient Eczema and Dry Skin Bath Additive, 500 ml

Oilatum Emollient is indicated in the treatment of contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, senile pruritus, ichthyosis and related dry skin conditions. Oilatum Emollient replaces oil and water and hydrates the keratin. Oilatum Emollient is particularly suitable for infant bathing. The preparation also overcomes the problem of cleansing the skin in conditions where the use of soaps, soap substitutes and colloid or oatmeal baths proves irritating.


Liquid Bath Additive


Product Features

  • Bath additive to treat eczema and related dry skin conditions
  • Contains light liquid paraffin, always read the label
  • Hydrates and protects the skin
  • Reduces moisture loss
  • Prevents dry and itchy skin

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2 thoughts on “Oilatum Emollient Eczema and Dry Skin Bath Additive, 500 ml

  1. Helps my eczema condition After moving to London, the hard water makes my eczema flare up. Because of the hard water, I can’t take that baths frequently anymore without getting eczema or super dry/cracked skin. I have a rental flat and I can’t find any good water filter to reduce the minerals in the hard water.After finding out this product, I’ve been using it for a week now. It seems to improve my eczema and my skin is now much smoother and moisture. I like that it’s not super oily and it won’t leave any…

  2. helps my psoriasis a lot – recommended I first used this 40 years ago when I came out in psoriasis – my Father was in hospital at the time and they were using it there.I have been largely psoriasis-free for 35-38 years but a few weeks ago came out in a slightly different form of psoriasis, all over my body again.I fid that Oilatum does soften and hydrate the psoriasis and reduces the itching.It can be added to bath water for a good soak, OR you can use it in the shower. The directions say to apply it…

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