Organic Leave In Hair & Scalp Oil Treatment | CHOOSE HAIR TYPE (Dry – Clary Sage & Lemon, 30ml)

Discover a natural treatment product for dry or coloured hair. Transform your dry, coloured, frizzy or curly hair with our glorious blend of Organic Jojoba & Grapeseed Oils with Clary Sage & Lemon Essential Oils specially formulated to hydrate, strengthen, smooth & protect hair. This little wonder is multi-purpose and can be used either as an intensive pre-shampoo treatment for problem hair & scalp, used daily as a styling aid or as a leave-in conditioner. This Oil is deeply penetrating, easily absorbed, light & non-greasy. Our blend has: Jojoba Oil – an excellent conditioner and moisturiser for dry hair and scalp because it is deeply penetrating and easily absorbed. Grapeseed Oil – one of the thinnest, lightest and fastest absorbing oils. It can help to balance the right amount of moisture in the skin and hair without the greasy feeling from heavier oils. It is odourless and hypo-allergenic. Vitamin E Oil – is an antioxidant that helps repair and build tissue. When applied to the scalp, it helps reduce inflammation and repairs damage to the follicles which in turn encourages hair growth. It can also provide necessary moisture to the scalp, eliminating dryness and resulting in strong and smooth hair. Clary Sage Oil – works particulalrly well with Jojoba Oil. It can be used for both dry and oily scalps, but is extremely useful for dry scalp and hair. You can use it on curly and frizzy hair to make it more manageable. Lemon Oil – a clarifying oil ideal with natural antifungal and antimicrobial activity which helps reduce reduce dirt buildup on the scalp and hair shafts. Its aroma is intensely fruity, citrusy, zesty and fresh. HOW TO USE: Apply 1-3 drops to towel dried or dry hair and work through evenly from tips to roots. Warning! A little goes a long way! Amount of usage depends on length and thickness of hair but we recommend between 1-3 drops per use.

Product Features

  • ORGANIC HAIR OILS FOR NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL HAIR. Contains Jojoba & Grapeseed Oils which are deeply penetrating, easily absorbed, light & non-greasy. Formulated to work in harmony with our HAIR BUTTERS.
  • SIX DIFFERENT FORMULAS to suit every hair type which are specially formulated with ESSENTIAL OILS to: REDUCE BREAKAGE & SPLIT ENDS HEAT PROTECT ADD STRENGTH & SHINE NOURISH & PROTECT CONDITION & MOISTURISE HYDRATE & SMOOTH PROMOTE GROWTH & REPAIR. Just choose the one which suits your hair type.
  • USE DAILY. When applied to towel dried hair, our oils act as a lubricant, so are great for detangling. They also act as a heat protectant by coating the hair, locking the moisture in. When applied to dry hair as a conditioning / styling treatment, the oils penetrate the hair to strengthen & repair, hydrate & smooth, nourish & protect and help prevent breakage & split ends. 
  • WE ARE A SMALL ARTISAN BUSINESS business based in Lincolnshire and everything we produce is handmade in small batches ensuring only the freshest products. All of our products are NATURAL, ORGANIC and HANDMADE in ENGLAND with FREE UK DELIVERY

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One thought on “Organic Leave In Hair & Scalp Oil Treatment | CHOOSE HAIR TYPE (Dry – Clary Sage & Lemon, 30ml)

  1. Brilliant quality organic hair and scalp treatment oil. My hair is very thick and naturally wavy and I also suffer from an itchy scalp. I use with the Hair Benefits pre shampoo conditioner and it really works to keep my hair soft and tangle free as well as reducing my itchy scalp. Packaged in a really good quality handbag sized bottle, I squeeze a couple of drops from the tube and, rub a small in my palms and then brush with my fingers evenly through hair. I use it on my hair following a…

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