Premium Nature Argan Oil Daily Shampoo, All Organic, Rejuvenates Heat Damaged Hair, Nourishes & Prevents Breakage, Protects Scalp, Sulfate Free, Vitamin Enriched Formula


Premium Nature presents a new all-natural shampoo that will completely rejuvenate your hair and scalp and give you the hair you’ve always dreamed of!

Over time, your hair can suffer the effects of daily sun damage, hair coloring, blow drying, hair straightening treatments, and perms. Even your usual daily shampoos and conditioners contain harsh chemicals that over time create buildup and damage your hair. All of these factors can strip your hair of its natural moisture and shine, and leave you with dry scalp, flaky buildup, and brittle split ends.

The Premium Nature Organic Daily Argan Oil Shampoo provides an all natural solution to hair care, using 100% all natural Moroccan argan oil, which has many healing properties that will give your hair renewed volume and beautiful lustrous locks. Our shampoo also contains a carefully balanced combination of Argan, Peach, Avocado, Jojoba, Camelia and Almond oils. It is beautifully scented, hypoallergenic, and irritant free.

When used daily, our shampoo will moisturize, regenerate, restore healthy shine and softness, and eliminate or greatly reduce dandruff. The powerful healing properties of this shampoo will promote growth while nourishing and hydrating your hair. You won’t believe the difference in your hair after just a short period of using Premium Nature’s Argan Oil Daily Shampoo.

Product Information:

• Contains the All Natural Ingredients of Argan, Peach, Avocado, Jojoba, Camelia and Almond Oils

• Nourishes and Moisturizes Your Hair

• Clinically proven to Prevent Hair Breakage & Thinning Hair

• Repairs Hair Follicles and Ends

• Enhances the Appearance, Length and Color of Your hair

Product Features

  • DIRECTIONS OF USE: Apply as you normally would use shampoo, and start to experience the amazing effects of the essential oils that will infuse your hair with vitamins and essential fatty acids.
  • AMAZINGLY ORGANIC: This nourishing shampoo contains all-natural ingredients and lots of wonderful oils such as Argan, Peach, Avocado, Jojoba, Camelia and Almond Oil. It cleans your hair without drying!
  • HAIR REPAIR: Our special shampoo formula has been clinically proven to repair hair damage and reverse the effects of heat, excess styling, and split ends. It is the ultimate hair care experience!
  • PREVENTS FUTURE DAMAGE: Our unique blend of all-natural ingredients fortifies your hair from root to tip and makes it harder to damage your hair! Make your hair stronger and less prone to breakage!
  • All Premium Natural Products are made of the highest quality ingredients that benefit you to the fullest

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3 thoughts on “Premium Nature Argan Oil Daily Shampoo, All Organic, Rejuvenates Heat Damaged Hair, Nourishes & Prevents Breakage, Protects Scalp, Sulfate Free, Vitamin Enriched Formula

  1. Lovely smell……and it works more or less after the first wash….well worth the money and highly recommended ?? Recieve yesterday via Amazon prime delivery service and arrived well packaged and protected.I ordered this specifically for my wife as she is always using her hot hair irons on her hair and has suffered with split ends for years due to this without finding a product that actually works.We came across this and decided to give it a go as we had tried the rest and we both agree this is one hell of a good shampoo as it smells divine almost like a fruit bowl and it actually starts to…

  2. Great for dry hair I purchased this argan oil shampoo from premium nature as I had already received the argan oil conditioner from the same company previously and was impressed.Premium Nature does include parabens or sulfates in this product which is good because the sulfates are used in many shampoo’s to create suds and create the illusion of making your hair cleaner but it ends up dry and brittle and there is some argument suggesting that parabens may be carcinogenic.After using the shampoo both my…

  3. I really wanted to like this shampoo – I’m a big fan of Argan oil and was intrigued to try a shampoo that is paraben and sulfate free. Before using the product (like I do with any new product) I put a small amount on my skin, just to check that I didn’t have a bad reaction to it – I’m happy to say that I didn’t.The ingredients list many oils being present such as argan, almond, jojoba peach kernel and avocado. With the oils being present, I assumed that it would leave my hair…

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