Salcura ‘Omega Rich’ Shampoo 200ml

Salcura Shampoo is an effective paraben-free, regular use hair wash product for dry and itchy scalps. An ideal complimented with Salcura Conditioner, as well as dealing with a problem scalp it leaves hair feeling looking full of vitality with a natural looking shine    Omega Rich Formula  – High content of nourishing Sea Buckthorn    vital for skin healing and hair repair  – Moisturises scalp and flaky skin  – Excellent at nourishing and protecting     hair against damage    Pure & Natural  – Use on all skin types  – Contains no harmful artificial ingredients     such as parbens and SLS    Hair & Scalp Care  – Can be used for both dealing with irritable, sensitive scalp skin as well         as dry, damaged hair.

Product Features

  • Australia
  • Jack and Jill Kids, London, UK, N20 0SJ.
  • Tube
  • Additives Information: No preservatives or added color Full Product Name: Natural Toothpaste Origin

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