The lady head in the above photo is a result of not properly taking care of the scalp and hair strands while the hair is in protective mode ( wigs, hair extensions, braids, hair weaves, etc.). To prevent your hair from like the lady in the photo, we highly recommend this oil. This oil work to prevent further damage to the hair strand while the hair is in protective mode. Extensions damage and chemically treated are extreme and damaging to the scalp and hair strands. Because hair extensions are often time worn for a longer period of time the hair and scalp is dry. This oil treatment closely replicates the scalp’s sebum, bringing moisture retention to the hair and scalp, aiding in restoring the overall appearance of the hair. Toxic Strenthen Black Castor oil focus on the healing processing while quickly optimizing elasticity to improve the hair strands. This oil is highly recommended for individuals who are experiencing extreme hair damage due to chemically treated hair or hair/weave damage. This oil will restore, repair, and increase hair growth as well as prevent further damage. Please check out other products that address other hair loss conditions: Super Potent Black Castor Oil; Rejuvenate Potent Black Castor Oil; Therapeutic Potent Black Castor Oil

Product Features

  • Prevent futher damage to hair/scalp
  • Keep hair strong while wearing braids, weaves, wigs
  • Promote hair growth
  • Thicken hair shaft
  • Prevent excessive breakage

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