Saienf Detangling Hair Brush Comb Premium Detangler Brush Removes Knots and Tangles for Adults or Children

Material: Plastic(ABS)

Detangles with ease
It’s pain free
Kids love it!
Use on wet or dry hair
Minimizes breakage, split ends & hair loss
Smoothes the cuticle layer increasing shine
Massages your scalp to promote hair growth

Package Included:
1 x Hair Comb

Product Features

  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS:Unique curved handle and soft, cone-shaped bristles work with natural brushing motion to remove knots and tangles.
  • MASSAGE YOUR SCALP TO PROMOTE BLODD CIRCULATION:Its painless bristles can massage the scalp and increase blood circulation in brain to increase hair growth.
  • SUITABLE for ALL BELOW HAIR TYPES:Our detangling hair brush is simple to use for Men, Women, and Children. Simply brush as normal after showering or bathing.Bringing innovations for your personal care with gentle detangling of hair in seconds.
  • KID FRIENDLY: Completely pain free, kids totally love this incredible, detangling hair comb, that allows for a nice, soft brushing experience. No more yanking and crying every time you’re getting ready to go out.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The unique bristle alignment makes this brush easy to clean and maintain. Just run the detangling brush through warm water after conditioning or oil treatment to keep from bacteria accumulating on the brush.

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Shampoo Scalp Massage Brush Head Massager Shower Body Massaging Cleaning Brush Hair Comb for Men Women Kids

Do you have a lot of trouble when you washing your hair?
1.Every day after get off work is very decadent and nothing you are interested in. In the long run ,Will make you become more and more unhealthy. 
2.Take you two hours or more to do a pretty manicure today but you have to wash your hair tonight. A variety of crystal diamonds will stuck your hair then you have to get it out for an hour.

Now our Scalp massage Comb can help you solve all of the above problems.

Product Features:
1.Silicone material, moderate hardness, not to hurt the hair and scalp, baby also can use.
2.Promote scalp blood circulation, Promote the growth of hair.
3.Deep cleansing of the scalp hair follicles, making hair more clean and healthy,prevent hair loss, dandruff and other issues.
4.Help you relieve headache and daily working stress.
5.No Battery Needed.Without using electricity keep scalp safe and clean.
6.Can be used as the meridian massage comb when you’re watching TV or lying down to rest.

How to use
1.Distribute a small amount of your favorite shampoo, conditioner, or hair oil to your scalp and distribute through the roots of your hair.
2.slowly move the brush over your entire scalp, using as much or as little pressure as you’d like, and taking care to spend extra time on areas where you may have noticed flaking, dry scalp.
3.When finished, rinse the massager and leave out to dry.

Warm Tips
-Please keep the brush moving up and down. Don’t move in a circle, so as not to twist the hair into a mass.
-Keep it dry and airiness, and do not put in the sun and high temperature When you don’t use it for a long time.

Package Included:
1 x Shampoo Massage Brush

-Full Refund within 30 days of purchase
-3 months Replacement Warranty
we hope you 100% Satisfaction by offering our hassle-free Replacement Guarantee service.

Product Features

  • ❤Scalp Massage and Relaxing: The scalp massage brush provides gentle stimulation to improve the blood circulation and promote hair growth with comfortable and relaxing feeling. The scalp massager brush is perfect to use when shampooing, will make you feel relaxed and refreshed, bing you a more healthier life style.
  • ❤Powerful Cleaning Ability: The shampoo brush helps evenly distribute shampoo, conditioner and other hair treatments while delivering them effectively into the thick hair, helps to remove dirt and dandruff and prevent collections of shampoo residues, strengthen the roots of the hair.
  • ❤Durable Scalp Brush Teeth: The teeth of the scalp massager for hair growth is heavy-duty, will not break easily like the plastic hair brush. Avoid scratching scalp or skin with the nail, reduce bacteria. Perfect for distributing gels, waxes and pomades. The scalp massaging shampoo brush is manual, not battery powered, energy saving and safe to use.
  • ❤Suitable for all ages: This hair shampoo massager is suitable for Men, Women,Kids(including small babies). It also appropriate for all hair types, including dense, thick, coarse or curly hair. It can be used in shower or as a head massager outside of the shower.
  • ❤Perfect Handle Design:Brush has a unique gripping handle for a firm hold,easy to take.And Multi comb convex point design, so that full contact with the hair shampoo,deep clean.

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COSE DELLA NATURA – Body Brush – Natural wooden – For a dry massage or during a bat – 100% natural wood – Approximate size: cm. 20 x 8,5

Product Features

  • Yumi Bio Shop Exclusive Product – A free Sample of one of our products with every shipment!
  • Fight cellulite with dry body brushing!
  • The benefits of body brushing: Exfoliating Pore cleansing Regenerating Better Skin Tone Better Complexion Less cellulite and a more compact skin Brighter skin
  • How to use: This brush is perfect for a dry massage or during a bath/shower. Ideal for tonifying and anti-cellulite treatments, it has lympho-draining, firming and detox properties. Use dry or combined to specific cosmetics.
  • After use it make sure to rinse well the bristles and to let the brush dry in a well-ventilated place. Not recommended for sensitive, delicate or damaged skin. Not suitable for kids.

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Pourty Cradle Cap Massage Brush

This clever product works amazingly well on babies and toddlers, gently and effectively eliminating cradle cap and keeping it at bay.

Its bristles are soft yet firm, massaging the cradle cap away safely. Parents who hate cradle cap will love this revolutionary brush which is completely unique in the UK market.

Product Features

  • Gently and effectively massage away cradle cap, lessen its severity and maintain a healthy scalp
  • Safe, soft and kind for newborns, babies and toddlers
  • Use with natural/baby oil and shampoo to lift away cradle cap
  • Soothing for babies as part of daily bathtime routine
  • Full instructions provided on packaging

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Baby Goat Hair Brush and Comb Set for Newborns & Toddlers | Eco-Friendly Safe Brush | Natural Wooden Comb | Soft Bristles for Cradle Cap

The baby hair brush and comb is not only beautiful but incredibly perfect for baby’s head because it is so soft and gentle. It provides parents with essential items needed to care for your infant hair. This high quality set is designed for newborn’s delicate little head.It is great Baby Shower and Registry Gift for a mom! Don’t hesitate to add it to your cart.


Measurement: Hair brush:15cm*4.2cm; hair comb:14cm*3.8cm.

Eco-Friendly Soft Brush and Natural Wooden Comb

Prevent static

Odorless,non-toxic,safe for baby

Soft brush bristles for baby’s sensitive scalp

Smooth comb teeth for use with thick/thin or wet/dry hair

Wooden handle designed to hold easily and comfortably for both parent and child

Keep hair soft and smooth

Relieve head scalp and remove the cradle cap

Package include: 1*Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set

Product Features

  • [ Relax Baby Head Skin and Soft Massage ] The brush bristles are so soft that your honey could enjoy massage as an indulgent spa treatment.Even baby take it to brush their face,it still make them feel soft and not mind one bit.
  • [ Prevent Cradle Cap ] The soft bristle brush help gently loosen baby head skin when washing their hair and nursing to release natural oils to get rid of cradle cap.
  • [ Safe for Baby ]The specialize baby brush is made of soft goat hair and tea wood,which is hypoallergenic,BPA free,a beauty and safety item.
  • [ Keep Boy and Girl Hair Smooth ]The tea wood comb is cooperate with the brush to keep your boy and girl neat and tangle free,which is incredible high quality,made with care,and a great value craftsmanship.Therefore taking great personal appearance is fixing their hair by this adorable comb set.
  • [ Perfect Gift ] This brush and comb set is a must have for any new mommy.It would make an absolutely perfect baby shower gift as those baby care kits don’t have grooming set!

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MADAMI Hair Straightening Brush, Ceramic Anti Scald Message Detangling Straightener Iron with UK Safety Fuse Plug and 100V-240V Universal Voltage, Protective Gloves and Styling Clips, Pink

It used to be where you got confused sitting in front of a dressing table in the morning. It was not about which dress or lipstick color to pick, it was about how to match your beautiful dress and fuchsia lipstick with your unmanageable hair styles after wild sleeping positions. Here might have one styler particularly suitable for you–and your soon-to-be followers.

Buy gorgeous, buy now.

-Voltage: 110v-220V  29W
-Cord length: about 90.6”
-Max temperature: 230℃
-Min temperature: 170℃
-Thermostat adjustment segments :5

-for thick hair: 210-230℃
-for normal textured hair: 190-210℃ 
-for delicate, fine hair: 170-200℃
-press the “+” “-” buttons simultaneously to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. 

While Using: 
Make sure there’s absolutely no knots by combing your hair before heating
For thin, fine hair, 1-2 simple brushing through will achieve perfect results
For thick, curly, textured hair, comb for a few times, best results can be attained also
Not proper for combing in wet hair
Simply and handy design, not bulky, bit heavy though, carry it in travel is not that tough

Package Includes: 
-1 x Straightener Comb 
-1 x Users Manual
-1 x travel pouch
-1 x heat resistant glove
-2 x styling clips

Product Features

  • ☞ INSTANT STRAIGHT: Heating up instantly within 60 seconds, this brush will be a real time-saver. With double ionic ceramic coating bristles surrounding hair in 3Ds, it impressively shortens the straightening time than non-brush straighteners, easily solving hair knots while repairing hair damage, keeping your hair frizz-free and silky straight wherever you go!
  • ☞ SCALP-FRIENDLY DESIGN: With heat-insulation silicone on tips, the brush subtly avoids direct heat getting close to head scalp, ensuring a much safer using. Beside the ceramic heating bristles grows another row of protective bristles that the brushes are proud of.
  • ☞ VERY EASY TO USE: Get it started by long pressing the ON/OFF button, select your desire temp. (80-230℃) through the LCD screen, press “+” and “-” simultaneously you can convert ℃ and ℉, 360º tangle-free cord coordinates with your styling movements.
  • ☞ SAFE & FLEXIBLE: 60 minutes auto shut off left unattended, high quality insulation shell for holding, lightweight and portable for parties, travels, business trips and so on.
  • ☞ SERVICE & GUARANTEE: Get in the box with: 1*Instant Massager Straightener Brush+1*Storage Flannel Bag+ 1*Heat-resistant Glove+2*Styling Clips+1*60 months Warranty+Free replacement or full refund if item found defective or unsatisfactory in 30 days.

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Lunata® Anti Cellulite Massage Brush Anti Cellulite Massage Roller Massager Anti Cellulite Massage Glove

Lunata Anti Cellulite Massager helps in fact against the cellulite. Creams and ointments can’t save weak connective tissue. But there is hope: A new study that a anti-cellulite massage fat on the buttocks and legs Reduces.
Hills, deep gouges, fade colors – What a Tristen Desert sounds, describes the appearance of bottom and legs after this long winter. Of a weak connective tissue would go on to cellulite in different distinct form. are 80 per cent of the German Women’s for 20 years. Now there is hope for all geplagten as multiple studies have shown that treatment from applications to counteract cellulite to help.
• sustainability tighten the skin
• – Intense Massage cellulite
•, more enjoyable your complexion significantly
•; Visible improve figure
• Full Body Massage for a better figure and a beautiful skin
•, deep kneading massage for tightening of the skin and for mounting of connective tissue
•; Easy to use, even on the problem areas
•; especially suitable for the treatment of cellulite
• sustainability thanks to the powerful rotation of the massage head
•, innovative, ergonomic shape, easy to use
Safety instructions
You may use the device do not use if you suffer from one or more of the following diseases or disorders: Blood Circulation Disorders, varicose veins, open wounds, bruises, skin cracks, phlebitis or thrombosis.
Box Contents
1 x Massage Brush
Please note
‘This product is from the Lunata the brand “Lunata Brand is registered in the Dpma as well as during” European Habm index. In accordance with § 14 Abs (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). 2 MarkenG it is third against this brand be used in a corporate traffic law to.

Product Features

  • It, It has been demonstrated that massage increases blood circulation and metabolism, which leads to a firmer skin. To achieve dauerhaft something to counteract cellulite, additional is a must ES Sport to and it is ready to diet at all times.
  • This brush is small size, ultra light weight, and easy to use and yet extremely effective against the unsightly cellulite. It works on the basis of 46 pressure points passage and want to affected areas a drainage causes. The ergonomic shape gives the massager access every affected area.
  • Cleaning: Use you a Angefeuchtetes cloth to wipe the massage brush or keep this under warm running water and dry this then sufficient. Use to clean the machine no Ätzenden or cleaning agents as this may the massage roller sustainable damage.
  • Advantages: the anti cellulite brush – Scooter is flexible for various parts of the body, easy to use use and, stimulate the skin to the deeper skin layers, encourages blood circulation and metabolism, fat burning by connecting Angekurbelt, with a comfortable massage
  • Box contents: 1x Massage Brush

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Hair Straightener Brush Anti-Scald LCD Display Adjustable Temperature Auto Lock Double Plate Hair Iron for Silky Frizz-free Pink

Special Features:
Multi-function: Ceramic Iron Straightener + Detangling Brush + Anion Hair Massager
Safety protection: Short-Circuit Protection, Leakage Protection, Auto shut-off protection if NOT IN USE for 60 minutes. Dual voltage operation support: 110V~230V.
Hair Straightener Brush can supply three different temperature settings. Make your hair silky, straight and smooth from the very first stroke. It’s heat up to 365℉ (180℃) in a minute, max 450℉ (230℃) , auto keep constant temperature at 365℉(180℃), your hair will be basically settled in few seconds. (Temperature corresponding to different hair below)
– Please select a constant temperature of 180℃ for a delicate colored fine hair.
– Please select temperature of 210℃ for a natural texture hair.
– Please select temperature of 230℃ for a thick or wavy hair.
Centigrade to Fahrenheit convert: press “+””-“at same time.

Instructions for Use
Please keep the hair clean and neatly combed before use,besides,use Moroccan oil or Agam essential oil hair treatment (Not Included with the package) with Hair straightener brush to message your hair will improve Frizzy Dry Unmanageable hair effectively. Put the plug in the appropriate outlet remains energized good.
Before turn on the power, setting the temperature, waiting heated to the desired temperature to do perm.

Product Features

  • Massage Effect: A Great promotion compared with the traditional combs, a unique contact-type anti-scald massage,with an effective brain scalp massage to relieve fatigue and feel comfortable.
  • Anion Hair Care Function: Straight comb release Anion and forming a water molecule to help you nourish the hair surface, repair hair.
  • Digital Temperature Control: There are three Temperature setting for choice- 180℃;210℃;230℃.You can free choose to match your specific hair type. LCD display can accurately display the current temperature,more safety and convenienient.
  • Fastest Heating: Heating to the appropriate temperature rapidly and evenly,it’s a best choice for saving time.
  • Unique Curved Design – Our handle and bristles are ergonomically designed to work ,Brush in downward strokes allowing the unique cone bristles to work with your motions, separating hair sideways as you brush.

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VITI Electric Scalp Massager for Hair Growth, Silicone Durable Hair Massager Brush Vibration Shampoo Scalp Massaging for head, Relaxing Head Neck Scratcher Massager for Women, Men & Kids(Blue)

Product description
Product Feature:
Clean the collection of shampoo residue.
Help you relieve headache and daily stress.
Improve the blood circulation of scalp.Promote the growth of hair.
Help to remove dirt and dandruff.
Healpful for your healthy shiny hair.
Gently remove away dead skin cells.

How to use:
1. Press the top small dot button and open the cover/ lid.
2. Put 2 AAA batteries in the grooves and close the top cover.
3. Press the power button to enjoy the massage vibration.
4. After Shower: It is better to use it in dry condition because of the battery grooves, which prevents from electric shock carelessly. Keep the massager dry to avoid the grooves to be rusted out. After a bath and start to move massager slowly on the hair 5-6 minutes to get further cleaning scalp and relieve your pressure.

Product Specification:
Materials: ABS and Silicone
Power type: 2 x AA batteries(not included)

Product Included:
1 x Scalp Massager (battery not included)

Product Features

  • Uses for :This electric scalp massager provides gentle stimulation to increase the blood circulation for daily health care with comfortable and relaxing feeling. Massage your scalp, neck or body in a dry state or after shampooing.It will make you feel relaxed and refreshed, relieve your tension and promote a good sleep.
  • Vibration Structure: Vibrate on the scalp of several thousand times per minute . Stimulate to the scalp gently and give you a healthy state,Helpful for removing dandruff, dirt and dead skin cells with gently stimulate to the scalp. Even, the massager brush helps to promote your hair growth. Convenient treatment & saving more money. This hair massaging machine removes more shampoo residue and makes your hair refreshed. Prevent some collection of shampoo or other hair treatments residue.
  • Powerful Cleaning Ability: Helps to remove and prevent collections of shampoo residue, which will leave your hair dull and limp. Firm bristles shampoo and other hair treatments into the thickest hair
  • Silicone Brush Pin: Made of high quality and durable ABS & silicone. Avoid contacting the scalp directly with the nail. Reduce bacteria and imitate scratching the scalp, no harm to your angle scalp and hair. The electric scalp massager is for hair growth and blood circulation. Clean dirtiness and shampoo residue on your hair without scratching and damaging your scalp. The soft silicone head massager reduces the imitate scratching to scalp.
  • How to use: Get 2 AAA batteries(batteries not included) into the massager and switch the button (two mode – on /off). It is safe for kids and adults to use it. Get this electric scalp massager and relax your scalp now. This massager is portable and small enough for you to take it anywhere.

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Careshine Electronic Hair Scalp Cleansing Relax Head Massager Brush Vibrating Comb Hair Care Anti Hair Loss Massage Vibrating Brush for Dry Damaged Hair,Men, Women, Kids

❤ Product Feature:
✔ Help you relieve headache and daily stress.
✔ Clean the collection of shampoo residue.
✔ Improve the blood circulation of scalp.
✔ Promote the growth of hair.
✔ Help to remove dirt and dandruff.
✔ Healpful for your healthy shiny hair.
✔ Gently remove away dead skin cells.
✔ Improve your sleep Quality.
✔ Release tension spots in the shoulders and neck.
✔ Relieve daily working stress.
✔ Can be used as the meridian massage comb when you’re watching TV or lying down to rest.
✔ No harmful substances won’t harm your skin. For leg massage has a very good effect.
✔ To achieve drainage swelling, Cellulite, clear the lymph, detoxification.

❤ After shampooing:
✔ Switch on it and start moving slowly on the hair for 5-6 minutes, massage your scalp and relieve your tension.
✔ Warm tip: Please keep the brush moving up and down. Don’t move in a circle, so as not to twist the hair into a mass.
✔ If you use it in the shower,please don’t place it under running water and put it completely into the water.
✔ After use, please open the battery cover, wipe with a dry cloth to prevent rust.

❤ Include:
✔ 1x Head Massager Brush
✔ 1x Power line

Product Features

  • ♥ High Quality – The use of soft materials, brush, use a sense than professional hairdresser’s hand washing is more comfortable, The electric scalp massager is for hair growth and blood circulation. Clean dirtiness and shampoo residue on your hair without scratching and damaging your scalp. The soft silicone head massager reduces the imitate scratching to scalp.
  • ♥ Relieve Fatigue – Stimulate the head acupuncture points, clear the head of the meridians and collaterals, improve sleep quality, improve memory, avoid nervous breakdown.
  • ♥ Powerful Cleaning Function – This section head massage comb can deep clean the scalp, effectively remove dandruff, scalp pomade, prevent dry hair, make the hair black, beautiful. This hair massaging machine removes more shampoo residue and makes your hair refreshed. Prevent some collection of shampoo or other hair treatments residue.
  • ♥ Easy to Carry – The electric washing brush “wire” design, even carry out is very convenient. This massager is portable and small enough for you to take it anywhere.
  • ♥ Wonderful Gift – Suitable for all types of hair. Great for your family, friends. Start a comfortable home SPA experience with the scalp massager and take good care for your healthy hair growth.

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