White Lotus Anti Aging Silk Beanie / Non Friction Natural Hair Loss Prevention / Hats For Hair Loss That Reduce Frizzy Hair & Provide Natural Hair Restoration For Men and Women- Silk Clothing Range

The White Lotus Silk beanie has been designed to assist those suffering from thinning hair, dry scalp, scalp irritation, excessive sweating and odour. It is an ideal silk hat for men but can also assist women with similar conditions as well as reducing frizzy hair and the need for expensive frizzy hair treatments. The friction free lining also helps prevent hat hair! Silk was traditionally used in pillow cases in China to reduce hair being pulled out over night – Many who suffer thinning hair and sleep on cotton pillowcases may be used to waking up with hair on the pillow! Those with thinning hair may also have noticed loose hairs starting to collect in hats. This is what the silk hats can prevent. Silk not only stops hair being pulled out it can strengthen hair. Neither cotton or satin hats can achieve this. Silk forms a natural moisture barrier. It has been shown that this barrier reduces the formation of wrinkles in comparison to cotton (3). Silk clothing is widely used in hiking gear due to this moisture barrier. Silk is a breathable fabric so silk beanies can reduce sweating as well as reducing the bacteria and fungus that cause odours. The White Lotus Silk lined beanie is made from the finest thick 19 mome silks and 100% cotton. This provides increased durability and strength. It is available in several colours. It is logo free so it looks like any other quality hat for those who prefer discretion. 1. Voegeli R, Meier J and Blust R. Sericin silk protein: unique structure and properties. Cosmetics and toiletries. 1993;108:101-108. 2. Koller DY, Halmerbauer G, Böck A, Engstler G. Action of a silk fabric treated with AEGIS in children with atopic dermatitis: a 3-month trial.Pediatr Allergy Immunol. 2007 Jun;18(4):335-8. 3. Sarifakioglu, N., Terzioglu, A., Ates, L., Gurcan, A. (2004). A new phenomenon: “Sleep lines” on the face. Scandinavian journal of plastic and reconstructive surgery and hand surgery. vol 38. no 4, 244-7.

Product Features

  • ✔PREVENT HAIR LOSS – Silk is friction free so wont tear hair out when you wear it. No more stray hairs inside your hat! Ideal for alopecia hair loss
  • ✔REDUCE FRIZZY HAIR – The silk hat produces no friction and silk proteins actually adhere to the hair keratin to straighten and strengthen hair (1)- No more split ends or expensive frizzy hair treatment!
  • ✔REDUCE SCALP DRYNESS – Silk forms a moisture barrier stopping the loss of moisture from the hair and scalp that leads to dry skin making it ideal for dry scalps and dry damaged hair
  • ✔REDUCE ODOURS – Silk is a breathable fabric which is anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti mould to reduce odours associated with sweating
  • ✔ASSISTS IRRITATED SKIN – Silk clothes are scientifically shown to assist a wide variety of skin conditions in children, silk can assist the scalp in the same way (2).

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