Salt & Oil Based Lavender Body Scrub for Women & Men, 14 Oz, Dead Sea Salts Exfoliator: Goodbye Blackheads, Ingrown Hairs and Acne! Soft Cleanser & Moisturizer with Natural & Organic Essential Oils

Exfoliate your skin and attain radiant glow!

Are you looking for an organic and aromatic oil-based body scrub exfoliator? A new experience for your body and soul that will leave your skin healthy and refreshed!

Exfoliating your skin regularly is one of the most essential parts of maintaining your healthy skin. Whether you are very particular of your skin condition or not, you should exfoliate the outer layer of your skin to get rid of dead skin cells. But you should pick a product that will not leave your skin dry and chapped, but feeling moisturized and refreshed!

With that in mind, one of the market’s leading beauty expert brands – Thermalabs – came up with their latest innovation!
Introducing Thermalabs’ Body Scrub Exfoliator – Lavender!

It is made up with Lavender oil that is effective in getting rid of acne, eczema, insect bites and skin burns. It can also detoxify your skin and treat tired muscles. All of its benefits are packed in a body scrub to achieve your skin’s natural radiance that will shine through while enjoying its irresistible mild scent! It’s definitely the one you are looking for!

Thermalabs’ Body Scrub Exfoliator – Lavender is the best body scrub you can find in the market. It is created to exfoliate your skin, improve circulation and help remove residual dirt. Made with the finest ingredients: Dead Sea microscopic grains of salt and minerals, fortified and enriched with Wheat Germ Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Calendula oil, to take care of all skin types, for both women and men. Thermalabs exfoliator removes the dead cells off the outer layer of your skin. Scrubbing and cleansing with the special oils and salts, your skin becomes soft and clean, stimulated and renewed with a wonderful mild fragrance to it. By gently removing and cleansing excess dirt and oil, this scrub exfoliator makes your skin looks younger and fresher!

Product Features

  • MAKE CHAPPED, DRY SKIN A THING OF THE PAST! Your body will thank you, and your friends and family will swear you look younger after using Thermalabs lavender scrub exfoliator. Our exfoliator treats dry skin like magic thanks to its organic all natural essential oils, like sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil and calendula oil, combined with Dead Sea salts and minerals that provides gently, yet powerful exfoliation and restores moisture.
  • FIGHT ACNE, BLACKHEADS, CELLULITE AND FINE LINES! Thermalabs Lavender Body Scrub gets to the root of skin problems by stimulating blood flow, encouraging skin’s natural ability to repair itself. The scrub gets deep into your pores whisking away dirt making your skin cleaner and fresher. In result, radiance and vitality return to your skin, making it feel and look smoother, more vital and youthful.
  • NO MORE IRRITATED SKIN – MADE WITH NATURAL & ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: skin care products have to be gentle and effective. The last thing you want when you have dry, chapped skin, is a product that has harsh chemicals that can only make things worse. Our exfoliator scrubs contain natural and organic botanicals, essential moisturizing oils, and vitamins that won’t damage your skin. Thermalabs rich mix of calcium, magnesium, potassium and other Dead Sea minerals means safe therapeutic cleansing.
  • SELF TAN FAN? EXFOLIATE TO GET THE MOST EVEN SELF TAN: Many self tanning products come out uneven, which means instead of a smooth, natural looking tan, your skin looks spotted or streaky. Using the Thermalabs Body Scrub 24 hours before self tanning will alleviate this problem and enable you to get that rich, even tan you desire. Our ultra nourishing Lavender Body Scrub provides a smooth base that provides moisture retention and allows tanning products to cover all areas.
  • MAKE YOUR SKIN AS SMOOTH AS YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED – CRUELTY FREE: Thanks to the high quality dead sea salts and minerals in the scrub formula, Thermalabs Lavender scrub will moisturize and smooth your skin, making it wonderful to the touch, what’s more the scrub treatments are cruelty free, these products have not been tested on animals, meaning you can rejuvenate with a clear conscience.

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Dead Sea Spa Magik Dry Scalp & Hair Targeted Treatment Pack

Product Description

A collection of hair treatment products specifically chosen to target dry, flaky scalp and damaged hair. This target treatment pack contains Mineral Shampoo, Conditioning Scalp Mud and Hair Magic Serum. Containing marine salts and muds, these products will normalise oil levels on the scalp, soothe irritation and revitalise damaged hair. With key minerals and Pro-Vitamin B5, hair will be feel and look conditioned, bouncy and shiny. Targeted treatment pack contains: Dead Sea Spa Magik Mineral Shampoo 320ml, Dead Sea Spa Magik Conditioning Scalp Mud 150ml and Dead Sea Spa Magik Hair Magic Serum & Shampoo Sachets 2 x 25ml .

Condition: New

Brand: Dead Sea Spa Magik

Brand Story

Since ancient time, Dead Sea Spa minerals have been renowned for their exceptional beautifying and medicinal properties as they have a unique ability to attract and retain moisture. Dead Sea Spa Magik products have been sol in professional Spa’s and Salons worldwide since 1981 as ‘home spa treatments’ to alleviate even the most troublesome of skin conditions and give you a taste of pure spa relaxation.

Product Features

  • A collection of hair treatment products
  • Soothe irritation and revitalise damaged hair
  • With key minerals and Pro-Vitamin B5
  • conditioned, bouncy and shiny
  • Unique ability to attract and retain moisture!

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Mediderm Microdermabrasion Polish And Exfoliating Cream – Scrubs And Exfoliates Dead Skin, Reduces Blackheads, Acne Blemishes And Fine Wrinkles. All In One Facial Treatment.

If you are Looking for Beautiful, Younger Looking Skin, That is Radiant, Soft and Blemish Free – Look No Further than MediDerm’s Polish and Exfoliating Cream. This facial treatment is a microdermabrasion cream, exfoliator and scrub all rolled into one. Helps remove dead skin cells, resurfaces and polishes your skin as well as removing blackheads, blemishes acne scars and even stretch marks! Why damage your skin with harsh scrubs, crystals, kits and machines that tears and damages your skin, when you can get a dermabrasion polish that is gentle and effective? Why should you use MediDerm’s Microdemabrasion Polish? Perfect for Sensitive Skin Types – without drying, peeling, flaking, irritating or causing additional redness. Exfoliates Dead Skin – to help you uncover younger looking skin underneath which helps encourage the growth of new skin cells. Unclogs and Minimizes Pores – which help calm inflammation to reduce acne and blackheads Anti Aging Properties – which help reduce fine lines and wrinkles to give you younger looking, super soft and more radiant looking skin. Packed with Nutrients – Our intensive research based formulation works together to nourish your skin to maximize your health and beauty.

Product Features

  • GET MORE BEAUTIFUL, YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN – MediDerm’s Microdermabrasion Polish gently exfoliates dead skin, reduces blackheads, age spots, liver spots, discolorations, acne blemishes and even fine wrinkles, while moisturizing it!
  • STOP DAMAGING YOUR SKIN WITH HARSH EXFOLIATORS – Where most dermabrasion kits, systems and crystals tears and damages your skin, MediDerm uses coated micro beads to leave your skin soft, radiant and beautiful.
  • REDUCE WRINKLES, CLEANSE, MINIMIZE PORES & PREVENT ACNE – This anti-aging cream gently removes dirt, dead skin cells and cleanses your skin, to reduce the appearance of fine lines. It also minimizes and unclogs pores to prevent acne or scars!
  • ALL-IN-ONE FACIAL TREATMENT – MediDerm’s Body Dermabrasion Scrub works as a facial cleanser, mask, moisturizer, scrub, exfoliator and moisturizer – all in one. No machines needed – do it at home!

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Dead Sea Mud 1000 g High concentration of Oligo Elements Improves the circulation. Helps boost the immune system. Purifies the skin

Perfect to help skin problems absorb oil and toxins for a nice rejuvenating pamper like the Dead Sea Spa .

Product Features

  • Relaxes tired and aching muscles
  • The Dead Sea is unique due to its high concentrations of salts and minerals. It is particularly rich in magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium. Use of Dead Sea mud has been studied in connection with health benefits and healing properties for physical ailments.
  • Used in spa treatments/ making bath salts and scrubs/ softens and moisturises dry sensitive skin
  • Assists acne, eczema, psoriasis and skin aging.
  • Ready to use and easy to apply.

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Anti-dandruff Treatment Shampoo With Rosemary, Nettle and Dead Sea Minerals 400 ml

The hair is one of the most noticeable features of your appearance and demands constant care. Due to climate conditions, hormonal changes, tension, excessive use of chemicals and devices involved in hair styling and exposure to salt or hard water, the hair becomes thin, the scalp becomes dry and dandruffs appear. This Anti-dandruff shampoo was created to treat and protect your hair from these harmful effects. This shampoo contains high concentrations of Rosemary & Nettle extracts and Aloe Vera to calm the scalp and relieve itching. It is also enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5 to prevent split-ends and static electricity, Vitamin E, Jojoba oil and cucumber extract combined with Dead Sea minerals for strengthening and rebuilding the hair fiber. The unique combination of ingredients penetrates the scalp and nourishes the hair providing the ultimate result of a healthy, supple looking, dandruff free hair.

Product Features

  • ORIGINAL DEAD SEA PRODUCT – Dead Sea salt has been beneficial for skin always.

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Dead Sea Spa Magik Conditioning Scalp Mud 150ml/5oz

A deeply hydrating conditioner to soothe a dry, flaky or itchy scalp and leave hair healthy and shiny. Apply Conditioning scalp Mud after shampooing, Massage into scalp and leave for several minutes to allow mineral hydration of hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Use 2 or 3 times a week. To use: TBC

Product Features

  • Soothes irritated, dry, flaky scalps
  • Revitalises damaged hair
  • Alleviates dandruff
  • Normalises oil and moisture balance
  • For best results use with Spa Magik Mineral Shampoo.

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Amara Organics Dead Sea Mud Mask for Face & Body – Pure Mud with No Fillers, 237 ml

Discover the Healing Power of Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea Mud is known for its therapeutic and healing effects due to its unique mineral-rich composition. Millions of people visit the Dead Sea each year to experience its natural healing power, but you can experience the same benefits at home!

Why Settle for Inferior, Diluted Products With Tons of Fillers & Additives?

Our Dead Sea Mud is Pure & You Can Feel the Difference!

Our Dead Sea Mud Mask is the closest you can get to actually reaching down into the shores of the Dead Sea.

The thin, gelatinous mud you’ll find elsewhere is loaded with tons of additives and fillers. Our mud is thick and rich with minerals, not diluted with shea butter, oils, and xanthan gum.

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Dead Sea Mud:

– Rejuvenates & Softens Skin
– Draws Out Impurities & Clears Pores
– Tightens & Smooths Out Fine Lines & Wrinkles
– Relieves Dry, Itchy, or Irritated Skin
– Relaxes Sore Muscles & Relieves Aches & Pains

100% Natural With No Harsh Additives

Other Dead Sea Mud products are loaded with unnecessary ingredients that can cause dryness, burning, and stinging.

Our mask contains 99.75% pure Dead Sea Mud imported from Israel plus 0.25% grapefruit seed extract (a natural preservative).

Contains no added color, fragrance, or harsh chemicals. Made with 100% natural ingredients and never tested on animals.

Order Your Dead Sea Mud Mask Now to Enjoy the Healing Power of Nature!

Product Features

  • THE PUREST DEAD SEA MUD AVAILABLE: Our Dead Sea Mud Mask is the closest thing you can get to actually traveling to the Dead Sea. It isn’t loaded with fillers and you can feel the difference! It’s thick and rich with minerals, not diluted with unnecessary ingredients. Contains 99.75% pure Dead Sea Mud. The remaining 0.25% is grapefruit seed extract, a natural preservative added to keep the product safe for use.
  • DETOXIFIES & RESTORES HEALTHY SKIN: Used for centuries for its healing properties, Dead Sea Mud contains skin-nourishing minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, and iron. It detoxifies, removing excess oils and impurities, and restores healthier, more radiant skin. Clears acne, shrinks pores, tightens and smooths fine lines and wrinkles, and relieves dry, itchy, or irritated skin.
  • DISCOVER ITS MANY BENEFITS: When used on the scalp, it can help stimulate hair growth, strengthen hair, and eliminate dandruff. Also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite by increasing circulation and eliminating toxins to help break down fat deposits. When used as a body treatment, it helps to relax sore muscles and relieve aches and pains.
  • NATURAL, VEGAN & CRUELTY-FREE: Made with 100% natural ingredients. No added color, fragrance, or chemicals. Our products are never tested on animals. Imported from Israel & Bottled in the USA.

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Dead Sea Spa Magik Hair Care Set 1x Shampoo 320ml 1x Scalp Mud 150ml

Scalp Mud
A miracle solution for dry, flaky scalps. An intensive mud conditioning treatment for those who suffer from a dry scalp. This effective formulation alleviates dandruff, soothes irritated scalp and revitalises damaged hair. Leaves your hair feeling wonderfully soft and full of bounce.

A natural mineral-rich and creamy formulation to invigorate the hair and scalp. Alleviates dandruff, soothes irritated scalp and revitalises damaged hair. A miracle solution for dry, flaky scalps, that is gentle enough to use daily. Leaves your hair feeling wonderfully soft and full of bounce.

Product Features

  • Soothes irritated, dry, flaky scalps Soothes irritated, dry, flaky scalps
  • Revitalises damaged hair Revitalises damaged hair
  • Alleviates dandruff
  • Normalises oil and moisture balance

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Dr.Schedu Berlin Keratin Collagen dead sea salts Shampoo 200 ml 100% Silicon free, 100% Parabene free & 100% cruelty free – made in Germany!

Application Distribute small amount of shampoo on to wet hair, massage your hair and scalp with your fingertips. Leave on for 3 minutes and then rinse well. Suitable for daily use.” About us: A company with heart and mind, innovations and ideas! With heart and soul, the company Dr.Schedu Berlin stands behind its products and always provides fascinating new ideas to address the needs of its customers. To keep our uniqueness, we offer individually tailored products, allowing your hair to steal the limelight – no matter what hair colour you have, or if you have fine or thick hair. Dr.Schedu Berlin stands for tradition, technology and quality. From its beginnings until today, the renowned company is producing all products exclusively in Germany, where they are well planned and bottled. Our unique products are developed in cooperation with leading dermatologists and scientists . Get full hairdressing competence at home – with luxurious salon quality at affordable prices! Our completely new way of hair care works differently than traditional hair care series and provides impressive, effortless and great looks! A heart for orphans! Dr. Schedu Assists orphans in Iraq with a one Euro donation for each sold product via its distributors! Our products are 100% silicone free, paraben free, paraffin free, as well as free from ammonia and formaldehyde! Animals should not suffer! Our products are 100% cruelty free! In regards to the development and safety evaluation of our products or their components no animal testing have been conducted to meet the laws of Third countries. Our products are based on a specific combinations of natural, highly concentrated ingredients of the highest quality. Minerals and salts from 400 meters depth of the Dead Sea strengthen your hair. Keratin, collagen and amino acids together support the balance of a nice, healthy and shiny hair, strengthen its structure and rebuild damaged hair.

Product Features

  • 100% Free of silicone,parabene, paraffine, ammonia, formaldehyde! This Dr. Schedu’s advanced shampoo formula is excellent for daily, gentle, effective cleansing for all hair and skin types.
  • Our new unique formula containing mild silicone-free cleansers helps to produce beautiful, healthy hair.
  • The high keratin ensures smooth, soft, moisturized hair with a dazzling glow.
  • Calcium, magnesium, sodium, and many other dead sea minerals from a depth of 400m (1300 feet) bestow new elasticity and easy to manage hair.
  • Surrounding each hair shaft like a film, the collagen serves to treat fine breaks, increasing your hairs volume, smoothness and protection.Made in Germany!

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