Foot Peel Mask (2 Pairs) – Exfoliating Calluses & Dead Skin Remover – Get Baby Smooth feet in 5-7 Days – Foot Care that you Deserve

How to have Baby Feet Again?

If you don’t want to hide dead, rough, cracks, calluses on your skin of your feet in boots or trainers, renew skin & get rid of problem just w/ our easy-to-use foot exfoliating mask. Don’t spend your money on expensive foot care products. We suggest you to use universal foot peeling mask w/ a lot of benefits & for affordable price.


    It serves as an effective foot mask, foot callus remover, exfoliating foot peel mask, foot scrub useful addition to your pedicure kit, etc

  • Based on natural ingredients that gently penetrate to deepest layers of your skin, it peels dead skin cells & gives your skin new smooth look & healthy feel
  • Delicate lavender fragrance
  • Safe for your health, our exfoliating foot peel mask doesn’t cause you any discomfort or skin irritation
  • Effect can be seen in 5-7 days*


Everyone’s skin is unique, so falling off time is different.


Before using:

  • Read & follow instructions
  • Our foot peeling mask booti are not reusable
  • Use them exactly after opening

While using:

    Clean & dry your feet before procedure

  • Cut accurately seal of foot peeling mask package & wear foot mask;
  • Wear a pair of traditional socks over this foot peel mask
  • Wait 60-90 minutes & remove it w/ soap

After using:

    for better result you can keep your feet in warm water for 20 minutes every day

  • Your dead, cracked skin will start peeling in 3-5 days after procedure, let it pull off naturally
  • Apply moisturizer when you notice that your skin is dry

Approximately in a week you’ll feel that your feet become naturally soft. Enjoy this feeling & wear your favorite open heel shoes & high heels w/ pleasure. Don’t forget to tell secret of your baby feet to your family & friends who’ll definitely be jealous

Product Features

  • GET RID OF ROUGH HEELS & DEAD SKIN with our exfoliating foot peel mask just in 5-7 days. This innovative foot exfoliator helps you peel away calluses & dead skin and get baby soft feet you always been dreaming about.
  • CONVENIENT & PRACTICAL – Use this foot scrubber with ease. Slip your feet in the boots for the recommended time & relax. No scrubbing & no pain. Baby foot peel will do everything, removing your dry dead skin & repairing your dry and cracking heels.
  • NATURAL FEET EXFOLIATING & PEELING – Natural ingredients make this foot scrub peel your hard foot skin gently, without irritation. The natural ingredients work deeply in the old layers of skin.
  • HEALTHY FOOT CARE – Totally safe for all skin types. It’s a great peeling foot mask for men & women. This cool foot exfoliating mask comes with 2-foot peel mask booties. Leave 1 pair for the improved efficiency for the later use or share with your loved ones
  • HURRY UP – Take care of your feet and make them look healthy & beautiful.

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