Demodex Purifying Shampoo | Prevention of Mites for Hair, Face & Body, Normal, Oily & Dry Skin | All Types of Hair | Free from Artificial Color & Paraben | Unique Formula | Filled with Essential Oils

Ungex Purifying Shampoo is the first step which helps in treating Demodex mites from your hair and skin. Formulated for oily skin and hair, the Purifying Shampoo balances the skin’s oil distribution, thus depriving Demodex mites of their food source, and leaving you with clean, healthy hair.

Research shows that 100% of people have Demodex mites living in their skin. These microscopic parasites feast on your skin’s oil and live out their entire lives under your skin! For some people, unfortunately, these parasites cause a range of skin inflammation issues which can only be alleviated by treating the source of the inflammation – Demodex mites.

Ungex is a natural product designed to be used in a course which helps to treat Demodex mites, with no artificial colors, parabens, SLS, SLES, and cruelty-free.

When you purchase an Ungex course, you will have a personal Ungex consultant assigned to you for the duration of your treatment to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the treatment and are supported every step of the way.

Features & Benefits:

  • Filled with Pure Essential Oils
  • Suitable for all Hair Types
  • Free from Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Paraben and Artificial Colour.
  • Depending on individual use, on average 1 bottle lasts between 1-2 months.

Be Ready To Kill The Mites, Stop The Irritable Itching Sensation, And Get Your Healthy Scalp And Hair Back.

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Product Features

  • ✔️PERFECT FOR ALL TYPES OF SKIN: It is suitable for normal, oily & dry skin. It also helps to stop skin itching and scalp irritation caused by demodex mites. The essential part of the daily anti demodex regimen.
  • ✔️NATURAL OIL TREATMENT: It combines natural oil treatment with a premium shampoo formula for maximum efficiency. It is formulated with anti demodex oils which helps to completely treat demodex mites. A formula developed by dermatologists for people with itching and irritated skin due to Demodex Folliculorum.
  • ✔️A COMPLETE SOLUTION: Demodex purifying shampoo which helps to stop the persistent itching and crawling sensation on your scalp, face and body. Demodex purifying shampoo works by penetrating deep into the skin pores and hair follicles which aids to treatment of demodex mites.
  • ✔️FOR NIGHT USE ONLY: Demodex purifying shampoo has a natural formula that is suitable for use on any scalp, face and body.
  • ✔️100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Demodex purifying shampoo is a powerful treatment which helps to treat all demodex mites from skin and hair.

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Demodex Treatment Shampoo- Prevention of Mites for Scalp, Face & Body | Invigorating

The newest Demodex mite treatment that has taken Australia by storm has now made its way to the rest of the world!
When it comes to ‪‎Demodex‬, ‪‎Ungex‬ is a game changer… try it for yourself today!

Suitable for use on whole body to help control mites on the hair, face and body.

Purifying Shampoo is recommended for people who have dry skin and need less oil control (if you have oily skin, please purchase the Purifying Shampoo).
Don’t let the name fool you, IS can be used over the whole body to help in reducing the density of Demodex as well aid in their prevention.

Important: This product is effective in controlling the density of Demodex mites.
To invest full guaranteed Demodex mite elimination treatment, Ungex Essential Kits needs to be used to guarantee total elimination.

Demodex Treatment
With Pure Essential Oils
Unique Formula
Sodium Laureth Sulfate Free
Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate Free
Paraben Free
Artificial Colour Free

Depending on individual use, on average 1 bottle lasts between 1-2 months.

Product Features

  • Suitable for Normal to Dry Skin
  • Make skin a hostile environment for Demodex to thrive.
  • Prevent & control Demodex populations from rising.
  • No side effects, gentle on skin.
  • Suitable for use on scalp, face and body.

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