Blue Magic Argan Oil Herbal Complex Leave-In Hair Conditioner 390 g

Hydrating Formula

Restore Hair’s Natural Moisture Balance

Product Features

  • Made with 100% Pure Argan Oil
  • Hydrating Formula
  • Restore Hair’s Natural Moisture Balance
  • Adds Shine & Softness
  • 390g Jar

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Boar Bristle Hair Brush – Bamboo Brush for Shiny, Healthy Hair and Preventing Breakage, Damage Split Ends, Frizzy, Unmanageable Locks – Added Pins to Detangle & Scalp Stimulation. Eco-Friendly Paddle

Our Boar Bristle Brush is the perfect tool for maintaining shiny, healthy hair. The benefits of a boar bristle brush include the decrease in frizz and breakage, hair growth, scalp stimulation and your natural oils being used to condition your hair.
Our brush contains pure boar bristle & nylon pins and is perfect for detangling the hair while spreading oils from the roots to the tip of your hair. With added nylon bristles for extra detangling and scalp stimulation, this brush is perfect for normal to thick hair types.
Start with dry hair – Brushing wet hair can cause breakage and doesn’t distribute the oils well.
Detangle hair first – Gently de-tangle your hair first using a wide-tooth comb or de-tangling brush.
Brush from root to tip – Start at the root of the hair and work all the way down to the tip. This distributes the oil and creates shiny, bouncy locks.
Brush in sections – First, start by brushing the back of the hair by bending over, then stand up and brush the hairline and split hair into sections, brushing each section.
Caring for your brush:
• Carefully remove hair with a wide tooth comb.
• Gently cleanse the brush with some shampoo and water.
• Rinse shampoo out of brush, but to not submerge the brush in water.
• Squeeze out excess water that might have gotten trapped in the rubber cushion.
• Lay brush on a towel with the bristles face down to dry.

Our GREEN Brush. 100% Pure Bamboo Brush
Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources and environmentally sound plants on Earth. Due to its rapid re-growth cycle and higher yield than timber, it can be harvested with virtually no environmental impact. It can also be grown in soil otherwise damaged by overgrazing or poor agricultural farming.

Product Features

  • HEALTHY & EASY TO STYLE: Using a boar bristle brush creates healthy, shiny hair that doesn’t break and split as easy. Best for smoothing hair prior to styling. Long handle for easy of use.
  • NORMAL TO THICK HAIR TYPES: With a mixture of pure boar bristles & nylon pins, this brush is perfect for detangling the hair while spreading oils from the root to the tip of your hair. Added nylon bristles are for extra detangling and scalp stimulation and is best for normal to thick hair types.
  • SCALP STIMULATION: Long pins designed to detangle your hair and stimulate your scalp while the boar bristle bring your hairs oils down to the ends of the hair.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources and environmentally sound plants on Earth. Due to its rapid re-growth cycle and higher yield than timber, it can be harvested with virtually no environmental impact. It can also be grown in soil otherwise damaged by overgrazing or poor agricultural farming.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED: We guarantee your hair will love this brush.

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Regaine For Men Hair Regrowth Foam 73 ml – One Month Supply

Product Features

  • 1 month’s supply
  • Easy to use foam
  • Twice daily
  • Regrows hair
  • Prevents further hair loss
  • Hereditary hair loss treatment

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Detangling Brush – Wooden Paddle & Best Detangler All Hair Types (Thin, Fine, Thick, Wet, Natural, Curly) to Detangle and Style – Natural Healthy Locks Without Knots or Tangles – For Kids, Men & Women

Whether your hair is thick, thin, curly or straight, this brush will de-tangle and smooth your hair with ease.
This brush contains bristles ridged enough to glide through the hair, but flexible enough to make your styling easy.
The brush is made from sustainable bamboo and has a long handle to provide a comfortable grip.
Great for use on wet or dry hair and on adults or children.
We are quite sure your hair and scalp will thoroughly enjoy this quality hair brush. So give it a try.

Product Features

  • QUALITY HAIR BRUSH: Oval wood professional paddle hair brush made from 100% Bamboo – one of Earth’s most sustainably sound plants.
  • SCALP STIMULATION: The bristles on this brush are perfect for brushing from the root of the hair at the scalp. Stimulate the scalp with brush massage to help with hair growth.
  • DRY OR WET HAIR: This detangling brush can be used on dry or wet hair. It is recommended to detangle the hair before washing for ease of brushing.
  • EFFECTIVELY DETANGLE: Working from the ends of the hair to the root, this brush provides knot-free locks and removes tangles with easy.
  • ALL HAIR TYPES: This brush works perfectly as a detangler whether you are a man or woman who has thick, thin, curly, normal, natural, long, short fine, kinky, african american, coarse or hair full of knots. Have a no tangle head of hair.

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InstaNatural Sweet Organic Almond Oil – Best 100% Pure Multipurpose Moisturizer for Skin, Face, Body & Nails – Cold Pressed, Unrefined & Natural Conditioner for Dry & Damaged Hair – 4 OZ

To achieve beautiful skin and hair, InstaNatural’s Almond Oil is a must in any skincare routine:
– Unmatched skin moisture and softness
– Nourished hair for silky strands
– Strengthened nails and cuticles
– Reduced appearance of stretch marks and scars
– An anti-aging solution for wrinkles, fine lines and more

With InstaNatural, rest assured you will receive the best customer care and highest-quality Organic Almond Oil around.
– Features Natural & Organic Ingredients
– 4 oz bottle for best value
– Made in the USA
– Cruelty-free

Product Features

  • Showcase Your Beauty – InstaNatural’s 100% Pure & Certified Organic Almond Oil is a soothing multipurpose oil that does it all. Hair, skin, body, or nails, this cold-pressed and unrefined moisturizer and conditioner is a single-ingredient solution to all of your body or skincare needs.
  • Luxurious-Looking Hair – Helping dry and damaged hair to look beautiful again is easily aided by the all-natural properties in this Almond Oil. Perfect for moisturizing dry scalps to reduce flaking, dryness, split ends and frizz, this is the best home leave-in conditioner treatment for after your shampoo.
  • Promotes Healthy Skin, Naturally – With InstaNatural’s Organic Almond Oil, keeping your skin hydrated, youthful and healthy-looking is simple. It tackles wrinkles, fine lines, dryness, mild acne and sun damage, leaving your skin feeling soft, supple and smooth.
  • Endless Organic Benefits – This all-in-one organic oil from InstaNatural is rich in proteins and Vitamins A, B, and E, which can balance the skin and restore its protective barrier. And, since it’s all-natural, it’s free of fragrances, chemicals and preservatives, which means it won’t irritate or dry out the skin while it works.
  • The Finest Organic Oil Around – If you want a product with a variety of uses that can help you look good from head to toe, InstaNatural’s Castor Oil is perfect for you. This product is certified organic by EcoCert ICO to ensure you receive the best quality and the ‘before and after’ results you’re looking for when it comes to at-home skincare.

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Davis Finest Premium Neem Leaf Powder – 100% Pure and Natural – Dry Flaky Itchy Skin and Scalp Relief Treatment – Antibacterial Face Hair Body Masks and Packs Effective against Acne Eczema and other Problem Skin Infections – Keeps Skin Healthy and Hair and Scalp Free from Dandruff and Itching Promoting Hair Growth (50g) (100g)

Neem also known as Indian Lilac is a powerful versatile plant that provides amazing benefits, too numerous to mention, to health, hair and skin. Neem’s botanical name is Azadirachta Indica and the Neem leaves (like Tulsi) have anti-bacterial properties which are also antiseptic to help fight off unwanted bacteria. Neem can be used to treat inflammations and infections such as eczema, in fact Neem is effective in helping to heal any skin and scalp issues. Neem truly helps to improve the condition of the skin and hair. For the hair, Neem increases blood circulation in the scalp to get rid of dandruff leaving scalp clean, healthy and dandruff-free.

For irritations of the skin and scalp try using Neem every day and see or feel the difference.

Neem can be combined with all the other herbs in this range for face or hair.

Product Features

  • RELIEF from dry flaky itchy skin and scalp caused by inflammations such as eczema
  • DANDRUFF-FREE scalp no more itching helps to eliminate dandruff leaving scalp clean and healthy
  • CHEMICAL FREE natural herbal plant powder will help to eliminate almost any skin and hair infections with frequent use – a must for the bathroom cabinet
  • FIGHTS against bacteria with its anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties
  • SUITABLE to all skin and hair types – a natural product containing no parabens or preservatives

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Product Features

  • Enriched With Egg Protein Jojoba Oil Cholesterol And Vitamin E. Daily Oil Moisturizing Therapy For

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Fresh Line Calliope Rescue Leave-In Hair Lotion for Dry and Flaky Scalp 30 ml

Product Features

  • Soothing hair therapy, suitable for dry and flaky scalp.
  • It relieves from dehydration, caused by the slow activity of the sebaceous glands.
  • It contains neem oil and chamomile that relieve from itchiness and irritations.
  • It offers antifungal action and prevents from bacteria growth and contamination.
  • Enriched with echinacea extract that strengthens the immune system of the scalp.

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PREMIUM 2 In 1 Organic Argan & Coconut Oil For Face, Hair, Skin & Body – 100% Cold Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil – Reduces Wrinkles, Improves Skin Hydration & Increases Skin Elasticity! – Great for Dry Scalp, Split Ends, Dry & Damaged Hair – High Quality Ingredients – 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee.

Hydrate Skin. Repair Hair. Strengthen Nails.

With uSkin’s Moroccan Argan Oil & Coconut Oil, you can achieve multiple benefits for your full body including your hair, face, nails and skin – one little bottle packs a LOT of punch!

Innovative Key Ingredients

Argan & Coconut combined helps your skin replace old, dead cells with new, fresh ones to bring a youthful quality to your face, hair, nails and skin – but it’s not the only ingredient at work here. uSkin’s Argan Oil is a great combination of some of the most Natural and high quality oils:

– Argan Oil
– Coconut Oil
– Lavender Oil

All of these ingredients work together to transform your body..


– Deep Penetration (non- oily/greasy)
– Effective Moisturiser, keeps hair nourished & adds nutrition
– Creates instantly smoother hair, free from frizz and split ends


– Improves skin hydration
– Increases skin elasticity
– Reduces course wrinkles


– Restores weak, brittle nails
– Moisturises and strengthens cuticles
– Can also be mixed in with hand creams, lotions, sprays and more

We keep it SAFE and CLEAN:

– 100% Vegan
– Alcohol FREE
– Cruelty FREE
– Paraben FREE
– Sulphate FREE
– Lactin FREE
– Gluten FREE
– Made in a FDA Certified Facility

Our Guarantee: You get better skin or your money back! Your satisfaction is our NUMBER 1 PRIORITY – always.

Look younger. Feel fresher. Reveal your beauty – inner and outer.


Product Features

  • WE LOVE NATURAL – Our Premium uSkin Argan & Coconut Oil is organic which is designed to focus deep into your pores which then hydrates and repairs the damaged skin, Which also increases skin elasticity and reduces coarse wrinkles. – That’s why we’re throwing in a FREE E-BOOK full of the best tips and tricks to keep your body, hair, nails and skin looking healthier, younger and more vibrant. This is a deal you WON’T get from any other big name brands!
  • MULTI PURPOSE BENEFITS – Argan Oil is known for as a natural conditioner for your body, hair, face, skin and nails, Delicately harvested from Moroccan trees you can combined this with multiple liquids such as your chosen creams, lotion, shampoos and more including a home made moisturizer for natural healthier looking skin.
  • POWERFUL HAIR TREATMENT – Argan Oil Hair Serum has numerous benefits for frizzy, dry and damaged hair. Our powerful formula creates instantly smoother to salon style hair, which eliminates frizz and split ends when used as a Argan Oil Hair Mask. As a effective moisturizer which keeps your hair nourished and adds nutrition resulting in healthy smooth hair.
  • AMAZING NAILS RESULTS – Organic Argan & Coconut Oil will do wonders for your nails! With just a few drops each day is enough to moisturize your cuticles and strengthen any weak nails. You can also mix and use as a all round hand cream to protect hands and nails.
  • OUR PROMISE TO YOU – We back our Argan & Coconut Oil with a hassle – free 100% satisfaction & money back guarantee! If for any reason at all, Your not completely happy with your Aragon & Coconut Oil, Don’t hesitate to drop us a message, We’ll make sure you get a FULL, NO HASSLE REFUND, No Questions Asked!

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The Best women and Men hair cosmetics Virgin Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo in 300ml – Extremely Effective for all categories of hair style and colour; restores and treat damaged hair, hair loss, parazlyed hair; dry and frizzy hair, hair splitting after washing and Extremely nourishes hair, giving it its natural sparkle. It is best hair conditioner and hair treatment obtainable. The New York Times calling it “The Latest miracle Ingredient”. (Fruity, 10.5 oz)

EXTREME HAIR SPARKLE: Nothing signifies beauty quite like nourished, shiny hair! With 100% pure Moroccan Argan Oil as one of our shampoo’s star ingredients, you’ll achieve a stunning sheen because of it’s abundance in Vitamin E, carotene, and essential fatty acids. With beneficial ingredients like Jojoba, The M.A.S. Elite Argan oil Shampoo will give your hair an amazing luster without making it greasy. We’ve added Botanical Keratin to help minimize frizzy and unmanageable hair, perfect for after sports & outdoors activities. IRRITATION AND DRYNESS: Are you suffering from an itchy, flaking scalp? We have just what you need! In addition to Argan, our blend features hair conditioners like Almond Oil, an excellent emollient that’s loaded with proteins, Olein Glyceride Linoleic Acid, and Vitamin D. This Argan Oil Shampoo and conditioner is truly therapeutic, using a host of natural hair oils that will help ease your condition. Great for all hair types, including those with color treated hair and sensitive skin. NOURISHMENT: Over time, harsh products, excessive coloring, hair extensions and wigs can take a toll on your hair. Nourish your scalp by giving it what it really needs before you need hair loss products! We’ve added Camellia Seed Oil to this shampoo and conditioner set for an added boost of antioxidants that will rejuvenate your scalp and hair. We’ve also included conditioning oils that are great for sensitive skin like Peach Kernel and Avocado,loaded with Vitamins A, B1, B2, D, and E GUARANTEED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: With a bounty of nourishing and natural ingredients, this really is the best Argan Oil Shampoo for hair! Our experts extensively researched and developed this hair gift set, making sure that it’s hypoallergenic, high quality, and sulfate free. It makes the perfect camping and hiking soap and shampoo! If you don’t see a gorgeous transformation in your hair, let us know and we’ll refund your order. There’s nothing to lose!

Product Features

  • Provides hair with shine and luster
  • Minimizes frizzy and unmanageable hair
  • Provides deep conditioning and nourishment
  • Warm and luxurious aroma

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