Hair Brush-Boar Bristle Hairbrush for Long,Thick,Curly,Wavy,Dry or Damaged Hair, Work for Men Women and Kids,Avoid Tangles and Hair Frizz, Keep Your Hair Smooth and Healthy

Do you want to comb out tangles and have a silky hair?
Do you want to stimulate and massage your scalp?
Why not try this one? Comb your hair, care your hair.


Stimulate and massage your scalp, accelerate blood circulation and balance oil.
Anti-static design, prevent hair from static damage, make hair healthy and silky.
Boar bristle hair can protect your hair, decrease dandruff and hair bifurcate.
Beech handle, comfortable to hold in hand and durable.
Mini size and portable, you can carry it everywhere.
Suitable for all kinds of hair types: wet or dry, thick or thin, straight or curly. It works for men, women, and kids with no pain.


Type: Hair Brush
Material: Boar Bristle;Wood
Color: Wood Color
Item Size: Approx. 9.7*3.1*1.8 INCH
Item Weight: Approx. 0.22 IB

Please relax and bend on your knees to release tension in your body. After bending gently, keep your head forward and brush from neck to end of hair (behind the ears), releasing oil to the brush to go through the rest of your hair. Do your entire head, then stand up and put your hair back to normal by brushing from hairline to tip (the hair above your ears). This improves the hair with the oils after repeat 3 times every day. Because the glands in our body to release oils are in the back of the head, the top of the head is not great for releasing oils.However, the boar bristles hair brush can spread the oil from the top to all of your hair.

Product Features

  • [ Massage & Relax ] Frequently use can reduce hair loss and improved hair quality. It can also effectively promote blood circulation, relieve pressure, while the rubber cushioned pad gently follows the contours of the head.
  • [ Natural Wood & Rubber Cushion] The handle is natural durable wooden finished–smooth touch and lightweight. Flexibility of the natural rubber cushion and nylon pins can help to bring out knots instead of pulling or breaking hair better. All the materials of hair brush set are processing by moisture-proof, insect-proof, anti-static treatment.
  • [ Suitable For All Types] Two kinds of different style hair brush satisfy you all requirement. Not only women, but also men all can use hair brush to obtain shiny and healthy hair. Whatever you hair is thick, thin, curly, straight whether you are a man or a women, this best hair brush set is your best choice.
  • [ Ergonomically Design] Natural wooden handle. wild boar bristles can neatly combed and clean the dandruff. Eco-friendly pins can my scalp and releases my natural hair oil.
  • [Excellent Customer Service] We ensure 100% money back guarantee, in case if you have any problem with Beech Wooden Brush. We will also replace a NEW one for you.

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DCKR Scalp Massager Tourmaline Shampoo Brush Keep Clean Scalp And Anti Hair Loss – No Power Needed Black

The cleanliness of the scalp! Feel the difference!Don’t need to go expensive hair esthetic salons!Powerful Tourmaline Treatment (Tourmaline added to silicon protrusions)Tourmaline called mysterious gem is a mineral belonging to a hexagonal crystal structure.When electricity is generated by friction, both ends are charged as positive and negative.When used in shampoo, Tourmaline combines with water to electrolyze, while Hydroxyquil, which has a surfactant effect, generates negative ions, which can maintain clean scalp.Various Functions!Prevent of hair loss by scalp stimulationPowerful removal of dandruff & hardened sebum Scalp MassageNo Battery Needed, Semi-Permanent UseWithout using electricity keep scalp safe and clean. waterproof treatment keeps clean condition without pollutant accumulation even when used for a long time.Shampoo Brush that can be properly managed by Korea’s technology rather than low-price product.Recommended to.who suffers from scalp itching and dandruff.who wants to make bubbles effectively and removes residue when shampooing. who wants to massage your scalp effectively. who wants to get more absorbed when using hair tonic. who worries about hair loss. who concerns about scalp damage during shampooing because of nail. Item Specification 1. Color: Red / Blue / White / Black 2. Country of origin: Korea 3. Size: diameter 3.2″x height 2.8″ 4. No battery needed

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