Satin Lined Cap Sleep Bonnet for Long Hair Girl Casual Slouchy Beanie Headwear…

Elastic band?


we donot use elastic band.

Our soft elastic knitting fabric itself make the different head size and hair volume comfortable

Satin lined caps are the perfect accessory for protecting your hair while helping you remain stylish!

The satin lining helps your coils retain moisture and doesn’t dry out your hair like traditional caps.

Whether you wear it to bed, over your protective styles while out and about,

or as a fly fashion statement,

our satin lined caps will help prevent tangles, breakage, and dry damaged hair.

Product Features

  • ENJOY THE MOMENTS: Made of high quality breathable knit jersey fabric.Outer:95%bamboo viscose,5%Lycra.Lining:100%Polyester.Perfect cap size with lightweight jersey cover full head very well and feel very comfortable. No tight and no-slip.Exquisite fabric protect sensitive scalp warm no sweat,cool no cold. Designed NOT ONLY in helping hair loss men and women post-surgical treatments during sleep.BUT ALSO in casual occasions day or night.
  • PROTECT THE HAIR:Sewn closed at the top.Soft Satin Interior Lining help retain the moisture in your hair, eliminates breakage while sleeping. Keeps your hairstyle fresh and frizz free
  • START SEXY LIFE–So much cuter than the sleep bonnet.that is running sexy life.Maintaining a stylish look for those times when you need to rush out of the house.Absolutely beautiful and stylish slouchy baggy everyday beanie
  • TOP GIFT FOR LADY:Super soft,comfortable and breathable cap is very good for women with frizzy,curly hair day or night.also very good for long hair girls in public
  • BLAZE A TRIAL: Wide variety of funky colors, Get ready to receive a lot of compliments, . Feel confident starting your everyday routine. ? ‘Add to Cart’ to get your own style. We want you to LOVE our headwear! Let’s try one.Let’s love the slouchy beanie

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White Lotus Anti Aging-100% Pure Silk Lined Sports Cap- Reduce Damage To Thinning Hair, Frizzy Hair & Assist In Hair Restoration Perfect Hats For Hair Loss – Navy Blue

The White Lotus Silk Cap has been designed to assist those suffering from thinning hair, dry scalp, scalp irritation, excessive sweating and odour. It is an ideal silk cap for men but can also assist women with similar conditions as well as reducing frizzy hair.

Silk was traditionally used in pillow cases in China to reduce hair being pulled out over night – Many who suffer thinning hair and sleep on cotton pillowcases may be used to waking up with hair on the pillow! Those with thinning hair may also have noticed loose hairs starting to collect in hats. This is what the silk cap can prevent.

Silk not only stops hair being pulled out it can strengthen hair. Neither cotton or satin hats can achieve this.

Silk forms a natural moisture barrier. It has been shown that this barrier reduces the formation of wrinkles in comparison to cotton (3). It is widely used in hiking gear for this reason. Silk is a breathable fabric so silk caps can reduce sweating as well as reducing the bacteria and fungus that cause odours.

The White Lotus Silk cap is made from the finest thick 19 mome hat silks and 100% cotton . This provides increased durability and strength. It is available in several colours. It is logo free so it looks like any other quality hat for those who prefer discretion.

Product Features

  • ★★★ REDUCE THINNING HAIR – Friction free so wont tear hair and the silk proteins actually adhere to the keratin to straighten and strengthen hair (1)
  • ★★★ REDUCE FRIZZY HAIR – The lack of friction and silk proteins ability to bind to hair keratin keeps hair straight and silky – No more split ends
  • ★★★ REDUCE SCALP DRYNESS – Silk forms a moisture barrier stopping the loss of moisture from the hair and scalp that leads to dry skin
  • ★★★ REDUCE ODOURS – Silk is anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti mould to reduce odours
  • ★★★ ASSISTS IRRITATED SKIN – Scientifically shown to assist a wide variety of skin conditions in children, silk can assist the scalp in the same way (2)

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