Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moisture Mist 250Ml

* Deeply hydrates thirsty hair and revives dry, tired skin.* Ensures soft, healthier-looking skin.* Reactivates styling products in hair, making it perfect for quick touch-ups.* Lactic acid and Hawaiian awapuhi provide deep moisture and enhanced shine.* Spirulina and plankton extracts rich in amino acids and vitamins make hair soft, hydrated and silky smooth.* Sodium PCA (a natural component of human skin) balances moisture.

Product Features

  • 250ml/8.5oz

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100% Pure & Natural Rose Water Spray Facial Toner Cleanser for Skin/Hair/Face/Scalp/Body for all skin types & Body care Anti-Ageing Skin Care/Acne preventing/ Makeup Remover/for Beauty/Health/Wellness/Cosmetics Toner Astringent Face Balancing Facial Mist Spray 100 ml

Nature Shine’s Rose Water is a rejuvenating facial toner and cleanser, with a beautiful uplifting floral scent. Just a few sprays and your face feels amazingly fresh with a tender smell of rose petals. Rosewater softens and replenishes moisture in your face, restores and balances your skin’s pH level, as well as unblocks and tightens stubborn pores. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce redness and skin irritation. Water. This Rose water offers natural and noticeable benefits for your skin Calms and soothes irritated skin Rose Water is 100% pure and natural made from Rosa Damascena petals. There is no artificial fragrance or any added chemicals or preservatives. The rose water acts as a toner to naturally balance the skin’s pH, making it soft, smooth and radiant. Suitable for all skin types: normal, oily, dry & sensitive

Product Features

  • FOR A BEAUTIFUL, RADIANT TONE – Nature Shine’s Rose Water has a soothing effect and is perfect for calming and relieving sunburn for absolute beauty. Whether the irritation is on your face or elsewhere on your body, you can count on this product to quickly give your skin a soft feel and tone.
  • BEST FOR ALL SKIN TYPES – This Rose Water is suitable for anyone with oily, dry, sensitive or combination skin. Since there are no artificial ingredients in this natural toner, your skin will easily be prepped for moisturizing, cleansing and toning. Just grab your favourite lotion, exfoliator or cream after applying the Rose Water and you’ll be on your way to radiant skin.
  • CALMING & SOOTHING MULTIPURPOSE TREATMENT – This Rose Water can be used as a makeup remover, in aromatherapy and as a hair treatment. Since this product is made from pure rosewater it can be used as a treatment to revive damaged hair, soothe skin irritation, and hydrate the body to increase softness and radiance from head-to-toe.
  • AMAZING NATURAL BENEFITS Nature Shine Rose Water contains no chemicals, fillers or artificial fragrances such as irritating perfumes. Treating your skin with Pure Rose Water means you’ll see all the benefits without having to worry about any skin irritation.
  • REJUVENATING MOISTURE & HYDRATION – This toner can be applied using a cotton ball, a splash with your hands or even with the included spray nozzle to give your skin a quick spritz any time throughout the day. Pair it with any other products in your skin care regimen or use it on its own and you’ll still see and feel the beautiful results.

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Itchy Scalp Treatment Spray Fast Acting Relief Remedy to Soothe and Cure any Irritation Dandruff Dry Flaky Scale Effective Professional Clinical Treatment Recommended by Expert Trichology Hair and Scalp 50ml Micro Mist Spray Lotion (1)

Menthogen is a fast-acting, long lasting spray that stops chronic scalp itch and helps prevents it from returning. Menthogen works instantly – from the first spray – to cool and soothe the scalp, combating any irritation, dandruff, flakiness and other conditions and maladies.

For years Menthogen has been insisted upon by communities that are prone to scalp itch and irritation – for example those who frequently wear helmets; motorcyclists, skiers, snowboarders, cyclists etc. Now Menthogen is available on Amazon for anyone who suffers from itchy scalp.

Menthogen features
~ Fast acting formula
~ Remedy and prevention
~ Long lasting 50ml Micro Mist Spray Lotion
~ Easy to apply
~ Developed by leading trichologists (hair and scalp experts)

Use once daily. Part hair and spray directly onto scalp from three inches. Disperse with fingertips massage into scalp for a few seconds. Repeat until affected area has been covered. A pleasant lasting cooling sensation is experienced. Always apply to a clean scalp.

Product Features

  • FAST ACTING INSTANT RELIEF for scalp itch & irritation. Regular use prevents symptoms returning
  • EFFECTIVE TREATMENT for scalp itch and irritation. Optimises & maximises the all-round general scalp hygiene
  • LUXURIOUS relief from severe head and scalp irritation plus hair ‘soreness’
  • COMBATS traction alopecia that can be caused by frequent wearing of any type of headgear
  • ALSO Available on MENTHOGEN SHAMPOO. Use sear and add to your cart.

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ZACY Portable Nano Mist Sprayer Beauty USB Plug Face Skin Care Mister with Power Bank -Best Dry & Oil Skin Treatment (22ML)

1. Power source:Rechargeable Lithium Battery;
2. Battery capacity:2600mAh; 
3. Input: 5V /1A ; Output:5V/1.5A;
4. Color: White, pink, gold. 
5. Size: 120*44*34mm; 
6. Water Tank Volume:22ML.
7. Function: This beauty device is one of the most fashionable Nano steamer in the world. It can also be used as power bank to charge your phones.
8. Spray 60 seconds each time, stop spraying automatically after 60 seconds. One tank of water can be used for seven times.

Package Included:
1 x Portable Nano Mist Sprayer
1 x Charging Cable
1 x flannelette bag

1. Distilled water or clean pure water at room temperature is recommended to be used as the fill-up. Pure facial toner diluted with pure water (Facial Toner/Pure Water = 3/7) is also fine. Please do not use alcohol, lotion, milk, honey, or high viscosity essential oil.
2. Refill the atomizer with the dropper enclosed in the product package.
3. The water tank should be taken out when cleansing. Please use wet cleaning cloth or tissue to wipe the exterior on, and keep the USB port dry!

Product Features

  • It can be used for care of face, body and hair. Prevent hair static, reduce wrinkles of skin, whitening skin and relieve skin irritation. Only 60 seconds using Nano Steamer can achieve sustainable moisture replenishment of 24 hours
  • It can be also used as a power bank, which capacity is 2200mAh, so you can charge your smartphones or other devices at any time and any place
  • Only by sliding out the slip cover gently, it will release jet stream of micro-sized particles of skin care essence in a flash, automatically stop in 60 seconds
  • Rechargeable style with USB line, can be charged through any device with a USB port such as computer, mobile power, thus you can make the beauty care at home, office, outdoor, anytime, anywhere
  • Sleek facial mister easily complements your bathroom, makeup table or dressing area. More stylish than plastic or glass spray bottles. Premium gift for your friends or loved ones

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Millionaire Luxury Hair Mist Spray Oil For Women

Have you ever wondered why women in the Punjab have long healthy hair? It’s all in the oil. Ingredients include organic Aloe Vera leaf juice, organic Blackcurrant Extract .. an antioxidant to combat harmful and damaging effects from the environment giving volume and shine. Pomegranate Extract .. high in antioxidants, helps bring life to damaged hair. Sage Essential Oil .. Imparts shine, intensifies colour and nourishes. Ginger Essential Oil .. Helps stimulate hair follicles to promote hair growth. Castor Oil .. High in vitamin E, minerals and proteins, omega 6 & 9, helps to replenish the scalps natural oils and undo some of the damage of harsh chemical hair products. Organic Argan Oil .. Provides essential fatty acids – oleic and lineoic which benefit dry and dehydrated hair, restores, regenerates and restructures. Millionaire Hair Mist has been covered in various magazines and articles including Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. It has also been blogged about on numerous occasions. If problem hair is holding you back from your day to day activities, there is no better hair oil, simply apply at any time of the day to suit and see the results. Any issues or questions please contact us through Amazon and we will be happy to help.

Product Features

  • NON GREASY – A blend of natural ingredients, Millionaire Hair Mist is a unique hair spray / oil that is not greasy. Simply spritz into hair wet or dry. No weighing down, no greasiness, just gorgeous salon hair in a matter of minutes. Care for your hair!
  • HOW IT WORKS – Dispenses as a Mist for treatment and styling. The advanced oils in the product provide a powerful treatment for damaged or frizzy hair. ‘Millionaire’ works by penetrating the hair cuticle locking in moisture and smoothing the surface. Unlike other ‘oils’ that merely ‘coat’ the hair, this oil works from the roots within solving your hair problems.
  • NATURAL & ORGANIC – Healthy organic Conditioning, Nourishing, moisturizing and Hydration at it’s best! Natures natural ingredients working in harmony with your hair. Some of the ingredients including organic Aloe Vera leaf juice, organic Blackcurrant Extract .. an antioxidant to combat harmful and damaging effects from the environment giving volume and shine. Pomegranate Extract .. high in antioxidants, helps bring life to damaged hair. Full list below.
  • HOW TO USE – Millionaire mist can be used in many different ways – Use on damp hair as a conditioning treatment restoring moisture. Spray over evenly before styling, as a shine enhancing finishing spray or spritz hair during the day to revive and control frizz. Freshen and perfume with a seductive scent. Use it on damp hair to detangle after washing. Spray on damp hair after the shower for a refreshing smell!
  • THE GOSSIP – “The secret to super shiny hair, Millionaire Hair MistTM is a truly innovative new hair care product unlike anything else on the market, the ultimate pick-me-up for dull, tired and lackluster hair, it nourishes and transforms your locks from the inside out for incredible light reflecting, dazzling shine!”

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KINGDOMCARES Handy Sliding Nano Ionic Cool Mist Facial Steamer Face Sprayer Humectant Mister For Anti Dryness Oil Skin Eyelash Extensions USB Rechargeable Mini Moisturizing Atomization Beauty Steamer Nano Ionic Atomizer Handheld Humidifier Instrument Sprayer Silver

The only official KINGDOM CARES Brand Store on Amazon. KINGDOM CARES is a subsidiary of KINGDOM. KINGDOM has been dedicating to developing, designing and manufacturing electrical beauty care products since 1999. Now it is the leader of China market for electrical skin care appliance.


Handy and fashionable cool mist facial sprayer, easy to carry, convenient for you to moisturize skin anywhere anytime, making facial skin elastic and tender. The micro-sized particle is so small that will not disturb the existing makeup.

It can be used for care of face, body, eyelash extensions. preventing hair static, Nano water spray is effective for comprehensive moisturizing, producing a finer mist that can quickly permeate into skin pores, reducing wrinkles, relieving skin irritation, promoting skin metabolism.

Convenient to use, just push down the switch to release steam. One minute. Designed in a mini size which fits for your handbag or pocket. Enjoy facial sauna at office, on flights, outdoor, at dressing room and so on. Premium gift for your friends.

Product Name: Handy Mist Facial Sprayer
Model Number: KC-6770
Power Supply: DC 3.7V
Power: 2W
Charging Duration: 2 Hours
Atomization Quantity: 0.6-0.8mL/30s
Useable time (full charged) : Around 100 times
Water Tank Volume: 9ml

Package includes:
1* Handy Mist Sprayer
1* USB Cable
1* User Manual
1* Dropper

Product Features

  • Moisturize and Refresh your Skin: Nano Ultrasonic technology splits water molecules into tiny nanometer particles to make the effective component penetrate into the depth of skin by atomization processing. Cool mist moistens and soothes skin instantly, leaving skin smooth and hydrating. Relieve dryness due to air conditioned or dry environment.
  • Calming Skin: The Nano mist can relax and soften your skin and moisturize deeply to helps skin cool down and recover to normal after sunburn. Refreshing skin and relieving hot flush,pain and itches.
  • Improving Skin Absorption: Provide the necessary humidity to help you promote and refresh your make-up.Never smudge you makeup, easy to use and no side-effect. Deeply cleanse skin to prevent clogged pores, safe for all skin types and can be used by both women and men.
  • USB Rechargeable Facial Sprayer: free from cost of battery,convenient to charge the sprayer at different voltage level.9 ML water tank can be used for more than 10 minutes with large amount of mist. Sliding down the cover gently and jet mist of micro-sized for instant skin care. Automatically stop spraying after 60 seconds.
  • Portable Easy-to-carry Design: The elegant design with rechargeable USB and sliding mirror,eco-friendly and convenient.Portable, no button,lightweight,mini size and easy to carry.Maintain skin natural moisture whenever and wherever possible.

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