Vaadi Herbal Organic Amla Shikakai Reetha Shampoo Anti-Dandruff – For Hair Loss Dry Itchy Sensitive Scalp Moisturizing Treatment – Hair Growth and Thickening – Sulphate Free Paraben Free – 1 X 350 Ml

Perché gli esperti di capelli giurano su Reetha per una bella criniera?

Con i cambiamenti stagionali e uno stile di vita imprudente, i capelli sono destinati a cadere preda di fattori dannosi e infezioni. Sapindus mukorossi o comunemente noto con il nome di famiglia Reetha, è un’ottima soluzione per quella splendida criniera di cui tutti sarebbero invidiosi. Reetha può essere chiamata guardia del cuoio capelluto in quanto non consente la forfora, i pidocchi o qualsiasi tipo di infezione dei capelli per attaccarti. Il guscio di noce di Reetha contiene saponina che ha proprietà simili al sapone. Questo aiuta a una pulizia efficace. Con le condizioni del cuoio capelluto alla baia, i capelli crescono correttamente ed è più brillante, più bella e maneggevole. Reetha rende i capelli più morbidi al tatto e piacevoli da guardare. Le proprietà insetticide di Reetha non lasciano che i microbi persistano sui capelli. Il boom dei capelli risplende con le coccole di questa erba naturale Reetha. “

Product Features

  • Shampoo enriched with the goodness of Amla, Shikakai and Reetha.
  • Infused with herbal ingredients, Vaadi Shampoo with Amla gently cleanses your hair and scalp without stripping the skin of its essential natural oil.
  • Its rich lathering formula nourishes the scalp and revitalises the hair, thereby leaving them soft and shiny.
  • The ingredients Amla adds volume.
  • Reetha conditions and Soya Protein stops hair fall and encourages growth of hair.

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Davis Finest Reetha Aritha Soapnut Powder – 100% Pure Chemical SLS PPD Paraben Free Natural Soap Shampoo Conditioner Leaves Healthy Skin Hair Growth and Lice Treatment (100g)

Aritha or Reetha is also known as Soapnut because it is the fruit of the soapnut tree. The pulp of the fruit contains high levels of saponins which produces the natural foam and is therefore chemical free. Reetha is a natural paraben free and sls free soap and shampoo conditioner which will leave hair squeaky clean, healthy and thick. Frequent use may help to eliminate dandruff.

Reetha can also be mixed in with Shikakai and Amla and use as a shampoo for hair washing and conditioning and all three combined are well known as hair growth products.

Reetha is great to use for treatment of lice and sensitive skin, scalp and hair.

Suggestions For Use


Face and Body Mask – combine reetha with multani mitti, aloe vera, neem, hibiscus, liquorice, orange peel, rose petal and tulsi to cleanse skin thoroughly.


Shampoo – combine reetha with shikakai for an invigorating deep cleansing shampoo conditioner which can also be used as a body wash.

Hair Growth Mask – combine with amla, bhringraj, brahmi, cassia obovata, shikakai.

Product Features

  • NO CHEMICALS: free from harmful chemicals naturally sls and ppd free soap and shampoo conditioner for skincare and haircare mask
  • CLEANSES NATURALLY: with natural foam from saponin contained in the soapnut fruit. Frequent use will leave skin and scalp squeaky clean and hair dandruff free
  • DEEP CLEANSING SHAMPOO CONDITIONER: a natural hair shampoo and conditioner from soapnut reetha is a deep cleanser that removes dirt leaving soft squeaky clean hair with no residue. As well as a deep cleansing shampoo and conditioning treatment for damaged, dry or oily hair, reetha is a natural dandruff treatment too and will give relief to dry, itchy, flaky scalp leaving hair and scalp clean healthy and dandruff free and best of all it is paraben free, no chemicals in sight
  • HAIR GROWTH: reetha, amla shikakai are natural hair growth treatment products combined together to protect scalp from infection thereby leaving healthy scalp stimulating hair growth and preventing hair loss
  • SUITABLE: to all skin and hair types. VACUUM PACKED FOR FRESHNESS

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Amla / Gooseberry with Shikakai & Reetha Shampoo – Olive Conditioner Hair fall & Damage Control – Paraben Free -Sulfate Free – Scalp Therapy – Moisture Therapy – For All hair Type – 2 X 110 Ml

Why is Amla known to be the best solution for scalp conditions ? Indian gooseberry or Amla is known as the magic ingredient for all hair related problems in Ayurveda. No other herb is known to have this miraculous effects than Amla. Over the time, when the hair have been damaged to a large extent, hair follicles tend to lose the strength. This makes hair brittle, prone to breakage and even premature aging. Amla reaches deep in the scalp and nourishes hair follicles enabling them to resume their regular functions.

How does Shikakai benefit the hair ? A proper cleansing for the hair is always talked about but another aspect of hair care which is equally important is conditioning. Hair, after effective exfoliation, tend to lose moisture and this makes them dry, lifeless, lack-luster and frizzy. This sort of hair is unmanageable and looks equally wild. Shikakai tames wild hair and instils in them the beauty that will catch everyone’s attention.

Why do hair experts swear by Reetha for a beautiful mane ? With season changes and a careless lifestyle, the hair are bound to fall prey to damaging factors and infections. Sapindus mukorossi or commonly known by its household name Reetha, is an excellent solution to that gorgeous mane everyone would be envious of.

How is Olive Oil beneficial to the hair ? Olive Oil proves to be the best hair conditioner, thanks to its emollient properties that allow it to seep into the scalp and moisturize it so as to keep dry patches, baldness, and frizz away. Hair strength and elasticity improve and hair feels softer, stronger and smooth in texture.

Product Features

  • Bundle Contains One Pack of Amla with Reetha Shampoo of 110ml and One Pack of Olive Conditioner of 110ml
  • Amla Shampoo – An expert remedy for hair-fall condition, this shampoo follows a triple-action plan- promoting healthy scalp, strengthening hair roots and deep-conditioning hair. Shikakai and Reetha keep the scalp free of infections. Amla, here, strengthens and stimulates hair follicles, thus controlling hair fall AND promoting hair growth.
  • Amla is extremely rich in Vitamin C which makes it an excellent exfoliating agent. Amla cleanses the scalp like no other making way for essential oils and other nutrients to get to the hair follicles. Being anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory in nature, Amla prevents scalp conditions from being aggravated and nips them in the bud.
  • Olive Conditioner – A multi-vitamin complex, to add beauty and life to your hair; giving you silky smooth hair without letting it go limp. Emollient olives & humectant Avocados penetrate into the hair shaft, deeply hydrating the strands, without making them oily. This complex effectively controls frizz by sealing the cuticles and leaves you with smooth, tangle-free & lustrous hair.
  • Olive Oil proves to be the best hair conditioner, thanks to its emollient properties that allow it to seep in the scalp and moisturize it so as to keep dry patches, baldness and frizz away. Hair strength and elasticity improves and hair feels softer, stronger and smooth in texture. Being anti-inflammatory in nature, Olive oil prevents scalp conditions and dandruff.

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