Dubble Trubble Natural Lice Prevention Spray for Kids, Lice Repellent, Detangling Conditioner, 8 Ounces, 2 pack

Make lice prevention fun and easy for your child with Dubble Trubble’s lice prevention spray. Made with 70% organic ingredients, no SLS, no SLES and is paraben free for a safe and clean kids lice repellent. Dubble Trubble’s Citrus Zing not only prevents lice and leaves behind a fresh citrus scent, but it also serves as a kids leave in conditioner and detangler. This easy-to-use lice spray and hair detangler takes the hassle out of preventing lice and styling your child’s hair. Created by organic beauty pioneer, Daniel Galvin, Jr. this mild lice preventing, conditioner, and detangling spray is suitable for all hair types and leaves kid’s hair feeling soft, smooth and nourished. The detangling conditioner spray is mild and gentle enough that it can easily be used on either wet or dry hair. All Dubble Trubble products are great for use with children ages 2-8.

Product Features

  • LICE PREVENTION – Dubble Trubble lice repellent spray for kids is loaded with the natural goodness of tea tree, mandarin and rosemary to repel and deter lice. Intended as a deterrent, it does not kill head lice.
  • DETANGLE & CONDITION – Not only is this a great lice spray to prevent unwanted head lice, but the organic hairspray also works as a detangler for kids hair and a spray in conditioner with a refreshing, clean scent of citrus.
  • NO HARSH CHEMICALS – Completely SLS, SLES, and paraben free, this lice prevention and detangler spray for kids is great for all hair types and formulated with over 70% organic ingredients to be gentle on delicate scalps.
  • SILKY SMOOTH – The mild formula detangles and conditions wet or dry hair and naturally repels lice leaving hair feeling silky smooth and smelling fresh.
  • FEEL GOOD, DOES GOOD – Dubble Trubble raises money for The Prince’s Trust that provides one on one mentoring to young people and funding enterprise classes that assists them in working towards excellence.

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Head Lice Shampoo – Lice Prevention & Repellent – Kid’s Shampoo Lice Treatment with Rosemary Essential Oil – Tea Tree Oil Dandruff Shampoo for Oily Hair & Itchy Scalp

Fast acting head lice preventative is easy to use – just wash with it normally, like any shampoo. Unlike lice treatments that have harsh chemicals, you don’t need to worry about ours getting on your skin or body. We have specially formulated our sensitive skin botanical recipe to be child safe. Our therapeutic repair, dry hair treatment is hypoallergenic and removes lice using aromatherapy. Our shampoo smells enticing to humans, but it is repulsive to head lice. The smell of fresh rosemary, lavender and tea tree irritates them, but it’ll leave you feeling fresh and clean.

Our extra strength thickening shampoo will make your hair feel soft and strong while calming it. Our therapeutic formula alleviates frizz using natural ingredients, such as botanical keratin. We have developed a chemical free recipe that is rich in antioxidants and full of vitamins with no sulfites nor harsh chemicals that can irritate skin. We want your luscious locks to look lustrous and voluminous for beautiful hair that looks sleek and shiny with healthy gloss.

Our shampoo with tea tree oil for lice prevention nourishes dry skin and replenishes natural oils to your scalp and hair follicles to promote gorgeous hair. Our ingredients encourage blood flow in the scalp that reduces hair loss, flakes and shedding. It eliminates dandruff at the root, the scalp. Our essential oil formula encourages regrowth and fast hair growth for silky hair that is soft, smooth and easy to manage. The essential oils naturally minimize frizz and split ends, leaving your hair strong, long and thick without any sign of head lice.

  • Natural Head Lice Prevention
  • Gentle Lice Repellent Shampoo for Children & Adults
  • Sensitive Skin Recipe with No Harsh Chemicals
  • Rich in Vitamins & Antioxidants
  • Botanical Keratin Formula for Unruly, Frizzy Hair
  • Dandruff Shampoo for Itchy, Dry Skin
  • Moisturized Fast Growing Thick Tresses
  • Product Features

    • NATURAL HEAD LICE TREATMENT FOR KIDS, botanical formula with Tea Tree Oil & Rosemary has no harsh ingredients & is chemical free. The best hypoallergenic alternative for sensitive skin & healthy hair.
    • LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL FOR HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH for adults & children deters lice, stops shedding & promotes thick long hair. Aromatherapy formula repels lice & leaves your hair smelling fresh & clean.
    • OUR PURE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND FOR LICE PREVENTION repairs your brittle, dry & damaged hair as it cleanses your scalp. The aromatherapy blend calms you, soothes your skin and relaxes your hair & frizz.
    • BOTANICAL KERATIN STRENGTHENING HAIR TREATMENT with rejuvenating argan oil nourishes hair as it hydrates the scalp & hair follicles to promote healthy, quick hair growth for frizz free luscious locks.
    • OUR SULFATE FREE DANDRUFF SHAMPOO with oil enriched formula has jojoba & provitamin B5 for gentle, deep nourishment that penetrates the scalp, ultra-hydrating itchy skin & stopping flakes & hair loss.

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