Benjamin Bernard’s Caffeine & Biotin Shampoo for Men; Strengthens Hair Follicles and Stimulates Hair Growth, Paraben & Sulphate-Free – 150ml

Invigorate and renew your hair and scalp with Benjamin Bernard’s Caffeine and Biotin Shampoo for men. Formulated with ingredients known to have beneficial and protective effects on the hair and scalp to improve the appearance of thinning hair and control hair fall.

Made especially for men, the powerful formula shampoo with caffeine stimulates hair directly at the core during washing to strengthen hair follicles, repair scalp damage and encourage healthy hair growth.

So What Is Benjamin Bernard’s Formula?


Caffeine is well known to stimulate the mind and body, but did you know it can stimulate your hair roots too? Caffeine hair growth shampoo protects against negative testosterone, a factor in premature hair loss; activates hair growth factors and penetrates hair at the root to stimulate hair regrowth and thicken hair follicles.


Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7, plays a crucial role in stimulating healthy hair development and hair loss prevention. As a naturally occurring nutrient, Biotin fuses with amino acids to overcome hair deficiencies and strengthens hair keratin structure to prevent excessive hair fall.

Argan Oil

Argan oil improves circulation in the scalp to deliver the necessary nutrients and vitamins for a revitalising hair growth treatment. When massaged into the scalp, argan oil strengthens hair follicles while smoothing hair and adding shine.

Tea Tree Oil

100% Natural Tea Tree oil acts as a natural antiseptic to soothe scalp inflammation and fight dry, flaking skin to reduce the appearance of problematic, unsightly dandruff and reduce hair loss.

Used regularly, caffeine hair treatment shampoo improves hair strength to reduce hair fall and hair breakage. Feeling restored and thicker, Benjamin Bernard’s shampoo leaves hair looking healthy and nourished.

Product Features

  • High Performance Shampoo: Powerful Vitamin B7 Biotin infuses nutrients into each strand to encourage hair growth and amino acids fuse with Biotin to strengthen hair structure
  • Shampoo With A Caffeine Kick: Invigorates hair to encourage healthy growth, caffeine penetrates deep into the roots for thicker, fuller hair
  • Nutrients Needed For Hair Growth: Does not contain sulphates or parabens that can affect your scalp health or damage hair follicles
  • Rich In Super-oils: Formulated with moisturising Argan Oil to smooth and add shine and powerful Tea Tree to fight dandruff for the perfect style

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