Ongaro Beauty Daily Conditioner; Natural Deep Hair Conditioning Treatment for Women and Men, Clean Fresh Scent; Made with Probiotic Technology, Organic Aloe Vera, Apple Stem Cells, and Peptides; 12oz

Ongaro Organic Hair Care – Nourish your hair with today’s best and most highly advanced hair care ingredients. Our Hair Conditioner contains a new breakthrough in hair care technology using 3 active ingredients – Probiotic Technology, Apple Stem Cells, and Peptides. Made with a base of 100% pure USDA-Certified Organic Aloe Vera versus most hair care products that use water as their base. Our color-safe daily use deep conditioner helps repair damage and prevents breakage while leaving hair smoother and much healthier. Best rated deep conditioner for dry, oily, curly and straight hair, and safe for color treated hair. Does not contain SULFATES, PETROLATUM, MINERAL OIL, PARABENS, or GLUTEN. Manufactured in the United States of America.

Product Features

  • SMOOTHES AND STRENGTHENS HAIR without striping color or removing essential oils
  • REPAIRS DAMAGED HAIR & PREVENTS BREAKAGE while leaving hair healthier and more manageable
  • FRESH CITRUS VANILLA SCENT SMELLS AMAZING and is suitable for daily use on and all hair types – dry, oily, normal and color-treated
  • FORMULATED WITH ONLY THE BEST INGREDIENTS – Free from Sulfates, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Parabens & Gluten; No Animal Testing

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Hair Genetics® Root Cover Up Hide Your Grey Hairs Roots NEW Advanced Breakthrough in Mineral Powder Technology, quickly and Easily get Professional Natural looking Results in Seconds Root Touch Up Powder Available in Dark Blonde, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black Now Defines and Fills in Eyebrows (Black)

HAIR GENETICS® The Hair Care Specialist PREMIUM PRODUCT RANGE NEW advanced breakthrough in mineral technology allows this unique professional powder compound to adhere to hair without being sticky or oily, without dulling or looking dry. Hides Grey Roots Instantly! – Save £££’s on Constant Hair Colouring and Treatments. 60 Uses Lasts up to 3 Months! Define and Fill in Eyebrows or Hairline with Precision, Easily and quickly. Root Cover Up Hides Your Grey Hairs, adds life to your Highlights. Touch Up Powder Available in Dark Blonde, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black A water-resistant formula means the results last from shampoo to shampoo, but you can swim or sweat and the powder will stay in place. Cover up roots and regrowth quickly and easily for perfect results in under a minute!

Product Features

  • Hair Genetics® The Hair Care Specialist – NEW Advanced Breakthrough in Mineral Technology For Root Touch Up.
  • Hides Grey Roots Instantly! – Save £££’s on Constant Hair Colouring and Treatments. 60 Uses Lasts up to 3 Months.
  • Define and Fill in Eyebrows or Hairline with Precision, Easily and quickly
  • Root Cover Up Hide Your Grey Hairs Touch Up Powder Available in Dark Blonde, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black
  • Brought to You From Hair Genetics® Premium Products Range

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Twitter for dummies: a guide to the social network that still confuses us

Twitter has launched a new ad campaign after discovering that many people still dont understand it. Thankfully, the Guardians guide explains it all

Although Twitter has been part of the cultural and political discourse for years, a vast percentage of the population still doesnt understand it. To this blissfully ignorant percentage, tweets are simply the thing that journalists embed on to websites whenever they dont feel like coming up with their own ideas.

However, today Twitter unveiled a brand new advertising campaign aimed exclusively at those who dont know what Twitter is. Unfortunately, the commercials are so bland and empty that theyre almost certainly doomed to failure. Instead, newcomers are advised to reference a much better resource: this clear, accurate and comprehensive Twitter glossary.

Twitter (@twitter) July 25, 2016

See what’s happening:


A publicly identifiable name that helps differentiate you from everyone else on Twitter. Choose carefully. My username is @StuHeritage, for example, but in my heart I always wish Id picked the more poetic @MonkeyFart69.


A hashtag is a clickable identifier that helps users find a public discussion about a subject. Want a Justin Bieber fan to read your tweet? End it with the hashtag #Bieber. Want to show that you either like or dislike Donald Trump? Use #Trump. Want everyone on Earth to hate you? #Blessed.


These are the short, 140-character messages with which you further your personal brand. Its important to give off a consistent tone in your tweets, otherwise people wont know if youre a whining hand-wringing liberal or a furious, impotent mens right activist. Those are the only two types of people on Twitter.


This is what Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall did to @StuHeritage in June 2016, even though Stuart did nothing wrong and just wants to be friends.

Stuart Heritage (@stuheritage) June 17, 2016

TIL Mick Hucknall blocked me on Twitter before I even knew he had a Twitter account

Direct messages

Direct messages (or DMs) are private messages that can only be seen by yourself and the recipient. They were invented purely for the transfer of uninvited penis pictures.


These are the people who follow you, because theyre just as invested in your personal brand as you are. As a rule, the higher your follower count, the better a person you are.


This is how you respond to tweets. If a famous person tweets something, reply with Ha ha. Then, when they dont respond within 30 seconds, you can write Ha ha again. Then when they dont respond to that, you can write Why no reply :(?. And then, when they dont respond to that, write DIE IN HELL, TALENTLESS HACK. Then complain about being blocked.


A heart-shaped icon that you only press when someone sends you a tweet and you dont like them enough to reply.


Click the bell icon and youll see a list of tweets that other users want you to read. If youre a man, you might find one or two messages from an old friend who wants to say hi. If youre a woman, youll have several hundred messages telling you that youre stupid and ugly.


This is what people claim happened to them whenever they accidentally tweet a picture of their penis in public instead of DMing it.


A parody account in no way affiliated with the actor Bill Murray. This is a terrible collection of weak observations and stolen homilies, designed to single out anyone who retweets them as someone who deserves to spend an eternity being punched in the nose in hell.

Bill Murray (@BillMurray) July 7, 2016

If we didn’t start wars, would we have wars?

Verified account

A blue tick that tells you the user is either an A-list celebrity, a respected authority on an important subject or a BuzzFeed employee.


The thing on Twitter that nobody in the entire history of Twitter has ever intentionally looked at or thought about.


A retweet is when you publish someone elses tweet on your own feed. It is the only way that @StuHeritage can ever feel a scrap of self-worth any more.


This is a list of the terms and hashtags most used on Twitter at any moment of time. Most useful in the punishing aftermath of an unthinkable terrorist attack, because it reminds you that, no matter how frightening the world gets, a huge percentage of people still just want to talk about Harry Styless hair.

Code of conduct

A thing that Twitter says it has, but probably doesnt.

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Police seek to unlock murder victim’s phone using 3D replica of fingertips

Lab printed prosthetic digit to help police try and unlock a murder victims smartphone, protected by a fingerprint scanner instead of a password

Computer science professor Anil Jain spends most of his time researching and improving biometric systems, like fingerprint scanners and facial recognition software. Last month, however, law enforcement agents approached the Michigan State University academic with an unusual request: to create a 3D-printed replica of a dead mans finger.

Police needed the prosthetic digit to try and unlock a murder victims smartphone, protected by a fingerprint scanner instead of a password.

The authorities think that unlocking the phone could give them the identity of the murderer, Jain said. We are doing our social duty to assist in a criminal investigation.

Law enforcement agents had seen a YouTube demonstration of a technique developed by Jains lab which could transform fingerprint scans into fake fingertips that could fool the sensors on smartphones.

The police supplied the team with a scan of the victims fingerprints taken while he was alive following a previous arrest. Jain then worked with his PhD student Sunpreet Arora to reverse engineer the fingers.

We are not in the attack business. The 3D printing technique we developed is meant for calibrating fingerprint sensors, not nefariously unlocking someones phone without their knowledge, Jain was eager to emphasize.

First, the two-dimensional fingerprint scans are converted into three dimensional fingerprints and these are then sent to a high resolution 3D printer, to make a physical replica in a soft plastic that retains the subtle ridges of the fingerprint while also distorting under pressure like skin.

Once printed, a micron-thick coating of metal gold, copper or silver is applied to the surface. This recreates the electrical conductivity found in human skin that is required to make modern capacitive fingerprint readers work. Plastic fingers arent conductive enough on their own.

Jain wouldnt reveal the model of the smartphone they are dealing with, but most major manufacturers now use fingerprint authentication in their flagship devices, including Apple, Samsung, HTC and Microsoft.

How easy they are to penetrate depends on the model and manufacturer, he said. Some have a stronger ability to detect spoofs.

3D printed fingerprint biometric. Photograph: Anil Jain/Michigan State University

The team tested the accuracy of the technique by building models of their own fingers to unlock a similar make of phone. Prints of all 10 fingers of the murder victim will be passed on to police so they can apply them to the phone.

The approach is appealing to police as it allows them to potentially unlock devices without the help of the smartphone manufacturers. Had the San Bernardino gunman, Syed Farook, used an iPhone that had the Touch ID fingerprint scanner (he had an iPhone 5, which lacks this feature), the FBI could have tried this technique instead of engaging in such a high-profile battle with Apple. When Apple refused to grant access to the iPhone, the FBI went on to spend $1.3m hacking into it.

Although the idea of police creating prosthetic fingers seems creepy, theres little in the way of regulation to protect citizens from doing this.

Here we have a long history of taking fingerprints off glasses, taking pictures of people and doing facial recognition, taking hair samples. If were not extracting something from the individual themselves, its going to be tough to argue its improper, said Albert Gidari, director of privacy at Stanford Law Schools Center for Internet & Society.

That said, law enforcement would still need to follow procedure and seek a warrant to search the device.

For Gidari, this case raises questions about the widespread collection of biometric data.

These collections and databases need to be the subject of better oversight, he said. The government collects a huge amount of biometric data and we dont have any rules around it. Thats the scarier part. For every one example like this there are 10 things you and I havent thought about that they could use [our biometric data] for.

There are serious privacy concerns but are there constitutional ones? Under existing law, like it or not, probably not.

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The miracle of live: man uses Facebook Live to stream his child’s birth

Fakamalo Kihe Eiki defended himself from internet backlash, saying The gift of life is so bad to share wow such a world we live in shame

A California man has defended himself from criticism after live-streaming his childs birth on Facebook Live on Monday.

Fakamalo Kihe Eiki from Carmichael, California, describes himself as a Christian comedian on his Facebook page. He posted the stream in the early hours of Monday morning, and it quickly gained upwards of 90,000 views.

Thanks guys for enjoying the gift of life with me lol come celebrate next weekend bbq if in area, Eiki wrote in a comment under the stream.

Eiki on Tuesday defended himself from internet backlash over posting to his page that The gift of life is so bad to share wow such a world we live in shame. Why watch? lol it was for those that were family and if you do not like, tune out?

A few hours later he posted again, with some of his reasoning for posting the stream: I like how people seem to judge before they know anything I am blessed to have a baby I aired it live because people would rather talk about Donald trumps hair than the blessings in life get real people lol.

The Facebook Live stream.

Facebook Live is the social media giants first foray into live broadcasting an already crowded field, with Googles YouTube and Twitters Periscope offering live-streaming broadcasting, though Facebooks vast potential audience of 1.5 billion users, they hope, will give them an edge over their competitors. Facebooks CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, himself said in a town hall meeting which was broadcast over Facebook Live that streaming video was one of the things he was most excited about.

One early live stream using the service, of two BuzzFeed reporters exploding a watermelon using elastic bands, garnered more than 10m total views, 800,000 of which were live. However, when BuzzFeed tried to run an interview with Barack Obama using the service, a technical glitch forced them to move the interview to a YouTube stream.

Actual live streams of births are rare, but they have happened. In 2009, singer Erykah Badu live-tweeted the birth of her child; also in 2009 a Minnesota woman who went by the name Lynsee live-streamed the birth of her child using a camera crew on the site

In a later blogpost about her experience, Lynsee said: Do I regret what I did? Absolutely not! Would I do it again? Probably not. I loved sharing my experience, but I dont think I would have time to do it next time around!

I knew that there would be a lot of people that would not agree with what we did. But to each their own! Yes, some of the criticism hurt. But most of the criticism was from ill-informed people who only read the headlines of articles, she continued. But I also had a lot of support from all over the world!

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