KidsClin Cradle Cap Treatment kit | Natural Lotion | Baby & Toddler | 7 Week Treatment

WHAT IS CRADLE CAP? Cradle cap is a skin condition sometimes seen in babies caused by excessive production of sebum, characterised by areas of yellowish or brownish scales on the top of the head.

HOW LONG TO HEAL? Treatment time varies depending on the severity of the cradle cap, normally it takes between 1 – 4 weeks.

CAN ALL CHILDREN USE KIDSCLIN CRADLE CAP? KidsClin Cradle Cap is clinically tested and safe to use by all children without side effects.

Cradle Cap is caused by one of the following:

  • Over production of oil (sebum)
  • A Yeast infection (Mallasezia) that grows in the sebum and feeds on fat.
  • An insufficient amount of an essential fatty acid called GLA needed for a function.

Why KidsClin?

  • Serum Spray: Instantly dissolves glue formed by the sebum. Moisture loss is reduced through the skin. The skin’s barrier function is restored.
  • Infection Control: KidsClin cannot be broken down by the yeast (Mallasezia) unlike other oils used for the treatment of cradle cap.
  • GLA supplement: KidsClin uses Borago oil with a high concentration of GLA to build up barrier function of the skin.
  • Product Features

    • Treatment Kit Includes: Deep-acting Serum, Brush and Soft Sponge.
    • Effective Relief from Cradle Cap: The PoxClin serum works as a healing moisturiser that nourishes areas of the scalp affected by irritation, rash, psoriasis and dry scales.
    • Instructions: Massage serum to the scalp 2 times daily until cradle cap is gone. Use the brush and sponge to remove dry and flaky skin with care, in a safe and pain-free method.
    • Long Lasting Treatment: Good for 7 weeks or 220 applications!
    • Effective, Convenient, Safe

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Jenoris Intensive Keratin Treatment 8 Week Course

An intensive treatment for chemical and heat damaged hair, containing Natural Keratin and Pistachio & Borage oils which provide the hair and scalp with essential Omega 3-6-9 complex. Jenoris formula effectively heals damaged hair, rebuilding and restoring the hairs’ natural strength and vitality. Content of Pack: 8 x 10ml ampoules; 1 ampoule to be used once a week. For best results use with Jenoris Keratin Shampoo. What makes JENORIS so special for your hair? Bringing the extraordinary Power of Pistachio, JENORIS products are all about nature at their best. Enriched with Pistachio and Borage oils as a central essence in all of the products, JENORIS nourishes the hair with vitamins and provides it with Omega 3, 6 & 9. These are the essential fatty and non-fatty acids produced naturally by the scalp. Applied to hair which has been damaged by chemicals or heat, this exclusive Omega formula nourishes and enriches the hair fibre, and repairs the structure of the hair shaft. The amino acids and vitamins from the additional fruit oils also provide 100% natural silicones which protect the hair from further environmental damage. The special blend, exclusive to JENORIS, guarantees hair with exceptional shine, moisture and elasticity throughout the day. The Omega effect regenerates damaged and burnt hair and has a deep nourishing effect on dry and coloured hair. Experience the Power of Pistachio for yourself.

Product Features

  • Jenoris Keratin Foaming Ampoules is an intensive 8 week Keratin Repair treatment to actively rebuild and strengthen the hair fibres
  • Repairs damaged hair and restores hair’s vitality
  • Contains natural keratin to strengthen and rehabilitate the hair fibres
  • Pistachio & Borage oils provide the hair & scalp with essential Omega 3-6-9 complex to intensively moisture and nourish the hair
  • Improves hair elasticity and adds gloss and shine

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