Baby Hair Brush, Wooden Massage Comb Set Eholder Kids Anti Dandruff Grooming Kit for Styling Detangling Hair, Brushing Cradle Cap – Baby Shower Birthday Gift/Newborn Essentials

The Most Complete Baby Hair Grooming Set!

With these amazing combs and brushes you can rest assured that your baby will get a high end pampering experience!

The set includes:

1x Soft Hairbrush

The wooden hairbrush has natural goat hair bristles to gently brush your baby’s hair. The brush is anti-static and hypoallergenic so that it will not cause any irritation and it will soothe your baby’s scalp. Your little one will love the tender and gentle brushingof the natural hairbrush!

1x Massage Comb

The massage comb is made with high quality maple wood to gently stimulate and massage your baby’s scalp. This natural comb is the perfect way to prevent cradle cap and keep your toddler’s skin healthy and soft while untangling its hair at the same time!

Essential For All Parents

This beautiful and high quality baby hair grooming set is essential for all new parents!

The brushes are perfect for all babies and toddlers and they will make the most amazing baby shower gift!

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Product Features

  • 【Super-Soft Bristles, No More Tears】 – Our baby hair brush is made of super-soft, no-shed thick goat bristles with solid wooden handle, and will never scratch or chafe the baby’s scalp. So gentle they can even help soothe your baby to sleep
  • 【Massage Comb, Prevent Hair Loss】 – High quality ample wood bristles massage scalp stimulates blood flow bringing healthy nutrients to the hair follicels for healthy hair scalp. Your kids will love the mild massage
  • 【Anti Dandruff, Brush Away Cradle Cap】 – Your infant’s scalp is incredibly tender. Use our super-soft brush and massage comb set to remove dry scales and flakes. At the same time, you’ll promote scalp circulation and stimulate healthy hair growth
  • 【For Hair Styling & Detangling】 – Our grooming kit is for infant and toddlers mainly as it detangles the hair and can brush through knots without damaging the hair
  • 【Money Back Guarantee】 – All brush sets are sold with a 100% money back guarantee, just in case you are not happy with your purchase. Simply get in contact with us and we shall refund you. It’s that simple

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COSE DELLA NATURA – Body Brush – Natural wooden – For a dry massage or during a bat – 100% natural wood – Approximate size: cm. 20 x 8,5

Product Features

  • Yumi Bio Shop Exclusive Product – A free Sample of one of our products with every shipment!
  • Fight cellulite with dry body brushing!
  • The benefits of body brushing: Exfoliating Pore cleansing Regenerating Better Skin Tone Better Complexion Less cellulite and a more compact skin Brighter skin
  • How to use: This brush is perfect for a dry massage or during a bath/shower. Ideal for tonifying and anti-cellulite treatments, it has lympho-draining, firming and detox properties. Use dry or combined to specific cosmetics.
  • After use it make sure to rinse well the bristles and to let the brush dry in a well-ventilated place. Not recommended for sensitive, delicate or damaged skin. Not suitable for kids.

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Baby Goat Hair Brush and Comb Set for Newborns & Toddlers | Eco-Friendly Safe Brush | Natural Wooden Comb | Soft Bristles for Cradle Cap

The baby hair brush and comb is not only beautiful but incredibly perfect for baby’s head because it is so soft and gentle. It provides parents with essential items needed to care for your infant hair. This high quality set is designed for newborn’s delicate little head.It is great Baby Shower and Registry Gift for a mom! Don’t hesitate to add it to your cart.


Measurement: Hair brush:15cm*4.2cm; hair comb:14cm*3.8cm.

Eco-Friendly Soft Brush and Natural Wooden Comb

Prevent static

Odorless,non-toxic,safe for baby

Soft brush bristles for baby’s sensitive scalp

Smooth comb teeth for use with thick/thin or wet/dry hair

Wooden handle designed to hold easily and comfortably for both parent and child

Keep hair soft and smooth

Relieve head scalp and remove the cradle cap

Package include: 1*Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set

Product Features

  • [ Relax Baby Head Skin and Soft Massage ] The brush bristles are so soft that your honey could enjoy massage as an indulgent spa treatment.Even baby take it to brush their face,it still make them feel soft and not mind one bit.
  • [ Prevent Cradle Cap ] The soft bristle brush help gently loosen baby head skin when washing their hair and nursing to release natural oils to get rid of cradle cap.
  • [ Safe for Baby ]The specialize baby brush is made of soft goat hair and tea wood,which is hypoallergenic,BPA free,a beauty and safety item.
  • [ Keep Boy and Girl Hair Smooth ]The tea wood comb is cooperate with the brush to keep your boy and girl neat and tangle free,which is incredible high quality,made with care,and a great value craftsmanship.Therefore taking great personal appearance is fixing their hair by this adorable comb set.
  • [ Perfect Gift ] This brush and comb set is a must have for any new mommy.It would make an absolutely perfect baby shower gift as those baby care kits don’t have grooming set!

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Garcoo Sandalwood Handmade Hair Comb with Handle | Anti-Static Detangling Natural Aroma | Large Premium Wooden Comb for Hair Care

Sandalwood Comb Benefits

Help your hair to stay strong and healthy whilst keeping it free from tangles with the Garcoo Sandalwood Hair Comb With Handle. Handmade by artisans through more than 30 production stages, this comb is perfect for combing short or long, thin or thick hair, whether it is wet or dry, ideal for daily or professional use.

Polished to remove imperfections, the comb is kind to your hair and helps to prevent damage. With wide, burr-free teeth, the comb glides effortlessly through your hair to leave it smooth and soft, without causing tears or splits. A wonderful multi-tasker, it also promotes hair growth, so you can say hello to locks that exude vitality.

Protects the hair from splitting and tearing

Locks stay healthier and grow longer

Hand made by professionals

Durable for decades

Suitable for all hair types, the comb is lightweight and can be carried in your handbag to treat your hair troubles on the go. Expect tangle-free, frizz-free, super sleek hair

Directions of Use

Glide the comb through wet or dry hair.

Keep away from fire.

Can be used for wet, damp or dry hair. Can be washed by water.

Product Features

  • Handmade for All Hair Textures: Our sandalwood comb is 100% hand crafted with tender care. 100% pure sandalwood is good for health.
  • Smooth Teeth Design: Evenly spaced teeth eliminate tough knots whilst massaging the scalp to stimulate circulation at the follicle for healthier, shinier hair. It will relieve pressure, headaches, baldness and loss of hair.
  • Natural Aroma: Unlike other normal wood or plastic comb, 100% sandalwood retain their distinctive fragrance for decades, which calms the mind, soothes stress and nervous tension.
  • Cut from Whole Natural Wood & Sleek Design: Unlike other combs made from pressed, splicing or glued wood, our comb are cut from whole natural sandalwood with sleek design and fine grains. Solid handle for greater control and protecting hand & wrist when detangling wet, thick or long hair.
  • No Snags, No Tangle, Anti-Static: Say goodbye to fluffy, frizzy or messy hair!

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MXXYY Air Cushion Large Wooden Combs Scalp Massage Combs Airbag Curls Comb Hairdressing Cosmetic Comb Anti – static

Product Features

  • Size: 21*3cm
  • Material: resin
  • Bi-color bead head, 45-degree angle layered osmosis clean and nourish hair, smooth, round and massage the scalp, not static;
  • Design, uniform heat quickly, reaching to the root, fast-blow-dry and wet hair;
  • Delicate surface smooth, use paint made appearance after polishing treatment, holding up feel good, stick in your Palm; handle sleek design, allowing you to comfort grip, and skidproof;

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Detangling Brush – Wooden Paddle & Best Detangler All Hair Types (Thin, Fine, Thick, Wet, Natural, Curly) to Detangle and Style – Natural Healthy Locks Without Knots or Tangles – For Kids, Men & Women

Whether your hair is thick, thin, curly or straight, this brush will de-tangle and smooth your hair with ease.
This brush contains bristles ridged enough to glide through the hair, but flexible enough to make your styling easy.
The brush is made from sustainable bamboo and has a long handle to provide a comfortable grip.
Great for use on wet or dry hair and on adults or children.
We are quite sure your hair and scalp will thoroughly enjoy this quality hair brush. So give it a try.

Product Features

  • QUALITY HAIR BRUSH: Oval wood professional paddle hair brush made from 100% Bamboo – one of Earth’s most sustainably sound plants.
  • SCALP STIMULATION: The bristles on this brush are perfect for brushing from the root of the hair at the scalp. Stimulate the scalp with brush massage to help with hair growth.
  • DRY OR WET HAIR: This detangling brush can be used on dry or wet hair. It is recommended to detangle the hair before washing for ease of brushing.
  • EFFECTIVELY DETANGLE: Working from the ends of the hair to the root, this brush provides knot-free locks and removes tangles with easy.
  • ALL HAIR TYPES: This brush works perfectly as a detangler whether you are a man or woman who has thick, thin, curly, normal, natural, long, short fine, kinky, african american, coarse or hair full of knots. Have a no tangle head of hair.

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